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  1. northcide

    Dataview Creator on v12

    Can't believe they got rid of it. If the searches didn't suck so bad it might not matter but there is a ton of data that you can't get to unless you go full sql on it. Sad.
  2. northcide

    SNMP alert on null value

    Hi everyone. We have some SNMP remote snmp monitors to test HP/Dell servers for failed controllers/disks. It works great in that we get alerted if a condition other than 2 exists: - 1 = Other, 2 = OK, 3 = Degraded, 4 = Failed The problem is however, if SNMP isn't configured correctly, or the HP/Dell management agents/MIBs aren't installed, the test returns no value's at all, so I consider it null. Each and every one of the conditions that can be configured (for example exists, missing, inset, no inset, equals, etc) - when no value is returned for the OID i'm checking, it is interpreting the lack of any value at all as not being failed against the value I give. There are several methods I can use to make all things WITH values FAIL, however no such inverse condition seems to make all things WITH values SUCCESS while simultaneously all things WITHOUT values FAIL. Seems like this should be a simple thing to accomplish but we're stumped. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hello, we're investigating a method to monitor the Inbox of an Office 365 mailbox for number of items. This particular mailbox receives messages and then a 3rd party application processes them via IMAP and removes the message from the Inbox. Sometimes the 3rd party application quits processing these messages and we have no way of knowing it isn't picking up new messages until someone complains or if we manually log into the mailbox to see the messages building up. We're toying with the idea of writing a powershell script to query the mailbox inbox every 5 minutes or so, count the number of messages in the inbox, then if the previous result was >0, is the new result >previous-result or We're confident we can do this manually with Powershell, however we'd rather not re-invent the wheel if another solution exists within LT or even a 3rd product product/system that will provide the same workflow. Thanks for any thoughts
  4. northcide

    HP Smart Arrary / Disk Monitoring (Event Logs)

    The solution outlined in this thread is solid. I'm very happy with the results and we've standardized using this method across the board. Super simple and very reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. northcide

    Red Flag Plugin

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately it still seems to be failing. Now nothing saves at the location or customer level. When i type something in at the agent level, hit save settings, the text i typed in disappears and doesn't reload back in.
  6. northcide

    HP Smart Arrary / Disk Monitoring (Event Logs)

    So just to be clear, you weren't able to overcome the green issue directly, but rather you just used the dataview to view all return values (that were on green status tests) and fixed any that existed with a NULL value? This is what we think we'll be forced to do as well (AND I HATE IT!) The only additional thing we can think to do so far, without getting into putting all this into a script (which i really don't want to do) is to create an additional test runs the same exact SNMP test on that same OID and fail on empty, but it still returns success. The test is: Check SNMP OID Condition should exist, if not, then fail. Since that OID will only exist if SNMP is installed and configured and HP Insight Agent is installed, then any return result means good, no result means bad. It's still green for some reason and it's driving me nuts!
  7. northcide

    HP Smart Arrary / Disk Monitoring (Event Logs)

    Thanks for all the great info guys. We spent some time going over all this again internally yesterday and using the OIDs you've mentioned I think we have a pretty solid solution in place that auto-joins an HP hardware group, a test that checks the OID described above, and an additional test that looks for any HP Server hardware that does NOT have the HP Insight Management Agents installed. This is critical since the SNMP monitor is returning a green OK if the OID doesn't exist. Sort of a pain but simple enough to alert and act upon. Your help is very much appreciated. I'll just add for the next person looking for details on this that with HP servers the base requirements to get the correct OIDs are to install SNMP service natively in windows (and configure basic settings of course) and to install the HP Insight Management Agents. I don't *think* anything else is required from HP to get the right info you need. 2003 R2 serves seem to also require the WBEM providers to even install the HP Insight Agent (this might be the case for 2008 as well, but I didn't thoroughly test it.
  8. northcide

    HP Smart Arrary / Disk Monitoring (Event Logs)

    Are you using traps or polling? The setup using SNMP seems to be an extremely manual process to me. Collecting all the correct OIDs for each (even slightly) different server or controller would seem to very prone to human error. If I'm over thinking this I'm all ears. Happy to take the experiences of others and put them to good use. Thanks
  9. northcide

    Red Flag Plugin

    Great idea for a plugin. I've installed it via your plugin installer and it says it's successful, however the data i enter doesn't seem to save. The client and locations are blank and don't save when i enter in info and hit save. When i go into the red flag tab under an agent the text box says -9999. When i change this and hit save it removed what i type and adds -9999 back in. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  10. northcide

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    It somehow got mixed up with the Reboot Schedule plugin - removing that removed the MSP Accounts Plugin. Maybe a duplicate GUID or something? Not sure what happened there but it's good now.
  11. northcide

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    I've installed the plugin to test it out and it's not exactly what I was looking for, so trying to uninstall it. Problem is - it isn't listed anywhere in the plugin manager. I've restarted the db agent, reloaded system cache, etc. Still nothing shows. Any ideas if that's an LT or plugin bug and how I can fix it?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to monitor HP servers for RAID and disk failures without SNMP in Windows. The built-in Event Blacklist doesn't contain anything HP specific other than HP Systems Insight Manager and a couple HPQILO2 events. HP is notorious for have many different event log sources and changing them with new server generations as well has having many possible event log sources (HP Smart Array, HP System, HpCISSs2, etc). Does anyone have suggestions on how I can be sure that each onboarded server is going to monitors for these critical events? I fear I will need to track down each various event ID and add them to the Event Blacklist in LT. I've see the thread that discusses at one point there was a pilot using the hpacucli, however it's apparently not supported and I'm not really prepared at this time to create a custom script that is able to make proper use of the hpacucli. Thanks for any advice you can provide.