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  1. Thank you! I agree this is ridiculous that the official answer is " Don't worry, It's secure."
  2. I have to get a few of our companies NIST 800-171 compliant and I have run into an issue. According to the guidelines, you have to employ FIPS-validated cryptography within the domain. If I turn on FIPS, Labtech agents cant contact the server. Is there anything I can do?
  3. Ok.. Anyone have a report I don't have to buy? I don't think my executive team is going to approve it. They are just going to tell me to figure it out.
  4. Hey mate! I am hoping we could create something similar as we have before. For now I think what we need to report to our clients for their executive Summary report is the following: - AV - Disk - Patch Updates/Health - Backup - Asset Analysis - Service Statistics And we are hoping we can run this report against Client > Locations. Not just for the whole client in LT Navigation Tree. Did you get a reply to this request? I'm trying to create the same thing and I am well out of my element. I would like a simple way to merge some of the bands from other reports, but I am not having much success.
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