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  1. If you look at some of the EOL "solutions", such as the backup one from Symantec, it infiltrates CWA on every way possible. It creates new tables, searches, groups, monitors etc. etc. I went as far to contact, apart from CW, both Symantec and Veritas. Whereas the latter is currently the owner of the backup software. No support or whatsoever. Personally, if I could advise a new CW user, I'd strongly advise to use a few "solutions" as possible, unless there's a proper removal functionality.
  2. This iLO issue is a common one, we also ran into this and decided to open a ticket. It seems a decent solution is difficult to implement. The issue is that the resulting IP-addresses probably conflict with the current location. One of the engineers noted that, due to this, that it couldn't add it as a new network device. (His advice, which I disregarded, was to "just" monitor the computer instead...) What I noted, due to several clients that ran a VPN to the site and had an CW agent installed on their computers (but belonged to a different location), was that they'd come up as network device. Thus, as a workaround, I moved the probe to a new location. I had to do some more finetuning to the exclusion list but iLO is showing up for me now.
  3. After a lot of trial-and-error we've been able to store the information. We created a script which reads the information from registry and stores it in the appropriate EDF. We ran this script every minute on one of our test machines. The downside of this is that we aren't able to see any other scripts that might have ran. (Due to the amount of rows it creates.) Are there any other solutions to this?
  4. Almost all of our clients are using Trend Micro antivirus software. We'd like to monitor any found threats and create a ticket. The software stores the last found threats (and actions) in the registry. To give an example of this: We've tried to create a remote monitor to check for any changes to these records. The 'challenge' (problem? ) we have is that we don't know how to approach the datetime field so that it recognizes that it changed and updates the result to the new value. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or could point us in the right direction? Thank you for your time & input.
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