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  1. Hello MSP Geeks - we are seeking an Automate Consultant for our growing team of remote consultants. Apply here - https://apply.workable.com/provaltech/j/510C33C1CE/
  2. Are you passionate about Automate and want to make a career helping other MSP's be successful in deploying and supporting their Automate implementation? We are a consulting firm that helps MSP's manage and maintain their CW instances. Apply here - https://apply.workable.com/provaltech/j/510C33C1CE/
  3. Looking for our newest team member who is passionate about CW Automate and can help other MSP's implement and manage it. Please use this link to apply - https://apply.workable.com/provaltech/j/2CD8BEEB18/
  4. ProVal Tech provides 3rd party support for Managed Service Providers. We are looking to expand our team and seeking an Automate Consultant. Job description and link to apply here - https://apply.workable.com/provaltech/j/2CD8BEEB18/
  5. hi there. We provide consulting and CW Admin services for MSP's and looking for our next rockstar automation consultant. For those who are interested, please apply here - https://provaltech.workable.com/jobs/816629
  6. Hi, ProVal Tech is looking for our next rockstar. Its a 100% remote position to help other MSP's be successful in implementing ConnectWise and other solutions. Apply with confidence and confidentiality here - https://provaltech.workable.com/jobs/816629
  7. Hello geeks, Our team is looking for its next team member. if you're passionate about LabTech and want to help other MSP's be successful using this awesome tool, please feel free to apply here - https://provaltech.workable.com/jobs/816629
  8. Calling Automate experts for an opening at our company doing cool stuff for MSP's we work with. For a full job description and to apply - https://provaltech.workable.com/jobs/816629
  9. Hi, Our company is looking to hire a Labtech engineer/geek. We are based out of Chicago, but would also be open to remote for the right person. Message me.
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