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  1. Allow text password copy to clipboard is used by right clicking a password entry. Then it puts it on your clipboard. Now there is a bug in SC where you cannot just Ctrl+V that clipboard text you must use the menu to send clipboard keystrokes. Sorry for the version mismatch I missed updating a spot in the code.
  2. bigdessert

    RMM+ ScreenConnect Plugin with Labtech Integration

    Not seen this one and I know many people use the plugin on cloud. Maybe right click the DLL and go to properties and unblock it first? Also install plugin as a superadmin.
  3. I was not. I know I have tossed it around but I have no access to ITG API so I have no way to test. Convince someone there to give me a test account and I can build it out.
  4. I must have uploaded the wrong one. I put up. Please redownload.
  5. You have to relaunch your LT cc client to see it. Again will not work until SC approves 1.0.20 and you update the SC plugin.
  6. Oops, just forgot to update the link text. Should be good to go now. Also the ScreenConnect extension still needs to be approved by them before it will work.
  7. New version posted with global option to send carriage return after password is sent.
  8. @Navacom I figured out how to sent enter after password so now looking at input to implement. Should this be something that is set server wide or should we have an alternate method of sending credentials that would send with enter key?
  9. First thank you so much for your support. You help support a single man MSP operation and my family! While I would love to do this it actually requires the screenconnect team to bake it into their product. The helper sidebar has very little known about the session it is connecting to and I can only use the methods they are providing and they will not let us send the enter key(I have tried).
  10. if you hit me up on slack we can look into this further.
  11. What version of plugin on the LT side are you using?
  12. new revision posted. 1.0.18. Should be approved within a few days. There will be a new checkbox to enable/disable the debugging on login.
  13. Whoops, that is a debug box. I must have left it on when publishing. I will submit a new revision today to disable it.
  14. That all looks right. I know that Labtech has a service that runs that assigns permissions and to force it you can login to CC as the user and open up a computer for the client and that forces it or you have to wait. Try to login as your test user and open up the client or location page for the test client and see if after that you are able to access.
  15. Your wish is my command - Added auditing of passwords sent, passwords copied and scripts sent to the Dashboard Audit section!