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  1. The difficulties I am having with adding this is there are multiple ways services will accept files. Its not like specifying a data header and and the data in the body. Do you have an example of how your service needs to accept the file?
  2. No worries, let me see what I can do.
  3. I could see what it takes to add it.
  4. The current plugin sends exactly what you put in the data field so you need to escape characters if sending JSON or other encoding that requires escaping. I built the plugin to just avoid having to use PoSH for those that were on cloud hosted instances. Thank you for the donation!
  5. Hi, there is no documented way to set this plugin up as all this plugin is doing is adding a simple way to send a web request. Once installed and activated then in scripts you have "Plugin Server Function" and you can choose this plugin to send the data. You provide the fields and it makes the request. Because this is strictly a plugin for scripting there is no way to test it outside of a script, sorry.
  6. Will leave this here. Here is a script I use with a powershell to always show the tray. It puts it the first icon next to the clock. I also use a modified version of Darren's getfile script here to transfer the PS1 in the script. Hope this helps. I will say this restarts explorer for the user and I have it scheduled to run every 4 hours on a group. So it is kind of "bringing a shotgun to a knife fight" kind of thing but it uses script state so it only does it once per user per machine. Show Automate Tray Always.xml show_notification_icon.ps1
  7. @Frznto hit me up on slack MSPGeek as bigdessert so I can help you out.
  8. I belelieve it works in cloud. Try to right click the DLL and unblock first.
  9. are you on MSPgeek slack? If so come find me with the same usersname.
  10. Yes this sounds just like the issue we had with @apbirch67. Check that field in the config table and update it to your correct URL if not correct.
  11. BIG SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS!!!! Released Control version 1.0.27 and Automate plugin version today. This release uses MFA codes if configured for each user that are the same codes used to access automate. If a user is configured to require MFA then so is this plugin.
  12. Uploaded new version of the Automate DLL plugin. This allows to IP filter for extra security.
  13. Can you confirm if one of the users logs into the control center they can in fact see and/or edit passwords? @automationGuy This is under tools->RMM Password Link
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