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  1. if you hit me up on slack we can look into this further.
  2. What version of plugin on the LT side are you using?
  3. new revision posted. 1.0.18. Should be approved within a few days. There will be a new checkbox to enable/disable the debugging on login.
  4. Whoops, that is a debug box. I must have left it on when publishing. I will submit a new revision today to disable it.
  5. That all looks right. I know that Labtech has a service that runs that assigns permissions and to force it you can login to CC as the user and open up a computer for the client and that forces it or you have to wait. Try to login as your test user and open up the client or location page for the test client and see if after that you are able to access.
  6. Your wish is my command - Added auditing of passwords sent, passwords copied and scripts sent to the Dashboard Audit section!
  7. Hopefully coming soon. Please donate if you can.
  8. Version Released - Added regex include and exclude options for selectively showing passwords. Auditing hopefully coming soon.
  9. bigdessert

    HTTP-GET-POST plugin

    Post a new screen shot and let's see if we can figure it out.
  10. bigdessert

    RMM+ ScreenConnect Plugin with Labtech Integration

    Through some trial an error this works for me. Powershel -command "& "Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Uri '@SCExecCommandURL@' -Body '[\"@scaccesskey@\", \"@scguid@\", \"powershell -Command iex(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''http://bit.ly/ltposh'');Reinstall-LTService\", \"10\" ]' -ContentType 'application/json'";"
  11. bigdessert

    RMM+ ScreenConnect Plugin with Labtech Integration

    powershell -command "& "Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Uri '@SCExecCommandURL@' -Body '[\"@scaccesskey@\", \"@scguid@\", \"powershell -Command (new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(\"https://goo.gl/tb38WQ\") | iex;Reinstall-LTService\", \"10\" ]' -ContentType 'application/json'"; How about this?
  12. bigdessert

    RMM+ ScreenConnect Plugin with Labtech Integration

    Pretty sure you need to escape the double quotes around the url https://goo.gl/tb38WQ
  13. bigdessert

    RMM+ ScreenConnect Plugin with Labtech Integration

    Please post full command omit your key though.
  14. bigdessert

    HTTP-GET-POST plugin

    That won't work. My plugin sends exactly what is given. Let me see if I can expand variables in the plugin. However, seems strange you are sending the message in the url vs the body.
  15. bigdessert

    RMM+ ScreenConnect Plugin with Labtech Integration

    I added two new functions in version 1.0.12. This should be approved this week. Thanks for the idea!