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  1. The que scripts...... All I really need is the total number of script currently running or que emailed to me if there is a different way beside dataview
  2. If I can automate it yes
  3. Is there a way I can have a dataview emailed every hour? such as the qued scripts
  4. Yes if I schedule a script it works, but if the script que gets back up or you accidentally schedule the script in the past it will execute immediate
  5. How would I write a labtech script to change all screenconnect services from autostart delayed to autostart ?
  6. That plugin does not work we have tried it before causes a lot of issues
  7. [quote="rami"]Yes, and you can grab the variable @Schedule@ from another script that you use to schedule a reboot. I have no other scripts with @schedule@ how would I create it?
  8. Other people log into the server and log that user off instead of switching users, so I need way to auto log in if the user the server auto logs in with get disconnected
  9. I want to write a script to check and see if the username "files" is logged in and if not log that user in then check to see if box services are running and if not start them. This is what I have so far. How would I log that user in if they are not? Using the if console logged on function and files in username then skip :logon
  10. So if we use a variable time the script would go as follows IF(TIME(NOW()) BETWEEN '@Scheduled@' AND (ADDTIME('@Scheduled@','00:30:00')),'true','false') LOG: It's not with in 30 minutes of scheduled time. Exiting script... Exit Script :Reboot - Label LOG: %computername% is going to reboot in 30 seconds. Reboot forced Exit Script
  11. Is there a way to do if it's with in 30 minutes of scheduled time? Say if it scheduled at 0200 am and it's 0300 am don't run it ?
  12. Has anyone made a script to only execute the reboot script only if it in one hour of the scheduled time? How would I accomplish this?
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