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  1. We're seeing this in a few sites. I'll update everyone with what I find. Best regards, Joshua with LTNinja
  2. I have a script for this. It requires you fill in parameters when you run the script. It also requires the users be logged in. Enjoy from the Automation Ninja -Joshua the Ninja with a ConnectWise Specialization CWN - Set Trusted Sites for IE.zip
  3. Those variables that aren't expanding, look like monitor driven variables. Is a monitor calling an alert template that triggers this script of yours? If you run or schedule the script, it wouldn't get fieldname or result. When triggered by a monitor, it should. (Not sure this is where your challenge is, but if it is - cheers) Best regards, Joshua
  4. I have seen this bug. It happens with different operating systems, different versions of the WUA etc. It seems to happen when multiple patch jobs have been executed at roughly the same time. (This is only a hypothesis) That said, I have discovered a "fix for it" and it's a little funny... Reboot the device and then start patching again, it usually corrects itself. Kind regards, Joshua
  5. Following the details posted in the following article: https://www.cybereason.com/blog/cybereason-researcher-discovers-vaccine-for-badrabbit-ransomware And, using the Petya (Not Petya) Vaccine script from this forum as a base. This comes with no warranties and the risk for using it - is your own! I am sharing as a courtesy in hopes that it can be helpful and save others a little time. (Ransomware sucks) It creates two files, makes them read only and removes their inherited permissions. If you find any problems with it or it doesn't work for you, please share with the group. (Especially if you found a solution) I may be a ninja - but I wrote this quickly and have only tested it against a few machines. Kind regards, Joshua Bad Rabbit Test Vaccine - Dev.xml
  6. You're the man, let me add this logic into v11 of this. I'll be releasing a pack of them. (Forced reboot, prompted reboot, and no reboot options)
  7. Updating to V11 - I added a tasklist | find "WUSA.exe" and if check that can cause the script to run endlessly but I find that it staggers the install for the updates much better and increases the success rate. if anyone has made additional modifications please share with the community. Hey Darren, my tests were failing when I included the quotes. (I could be doing something silly incorrect) Mind taking a quick screenshot because I would love to improve this for everyone's benefit.
  8. V10 is about to be uploaded. V9 did not express /noreboot on updates which would lead to unintended and unapproved reboots.
  9. V9 is up - Ty Rookie for v8, I added quotes around legacy patch install command and added an additional Windows 8 update. It will reboot when no user is logged in or prompt when one is signed in. Servers will reboot when not signed in after each patch has installed.
  10. Because the WUA still reports some of the associated patches as missing. I am going to upload V7 as a separate file. IT IS A BRUTE FORCE APPROACH. It downloads every related update and attempts to install it so regardless of the update WUA is looking for, it should be satisfied. Multiple reboots are possible. (I did NOT include the April preview update because it's a preview update) Look for the new copy within the next 30 minutes.
  11. I think it's looking at retired agents too. (Blank spaces) I'm not 100%. However, I did find a problem with the script - it clears patch history. (I must have grabbed it from my WUA maintenance script) v7 will have it removed. ALSO - I am adding an ADDITIONAL 4 updates to the script for the operating systems listed. I will post it shortly The issue is that there are multiple patches that solve the issue per operating system and WUA decides if they are needed or not. (As I understand it) Good morning everyone.
  12. V6 is now up - drinkxon, if no one gets something up to help with this. (A monitor\dataview\search etc) I will get it after I get a little sleep. (I have been going at WannaCry since yesterday and have yet to sleep)
  13. I am going to update the script to include the rollups. I also plan to release a version of the script that includes outdated WUA updates. Kind of a hybrid script since many businesses are okay with reboots today. (Take care of more than just one problem) -Joshua
  14. Compliments of Martyn from the LabTech Geek Slack (And the guy who runs this forum) Enjoy SELECT * FROM computers WHERE computerid IN (SELECT DISTINCT c.`computerID` FROM computers c JOIN hotfix h USING (computerid) JOIN hotfixdata hd ON h.HotFixID = hd.HotFixID JOIN agentcomputerdata acd USING (computerid) WHERE hd.kbID IN ('4012598','4012216','4012213','4012217','4012214','4012215','4012212','4013429','4012606','4013198','4019472','4015217','4016635','4015438','4013429', '4019264','4019263','4015552','4015546','4015549','4012218','4012215') AND h.Installed = 0)
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