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  1. Nice! Do you have any way for LT to report on recent backups from Intronis? I'd be interested in seeing a field that shows last backup date and backup set name rather than Intronis' email alerts and/or exec reports. I'd love to integrate it into our daily health checks and reports.. Monitor Eventvwr logs maybe?
  2. I notice this is an old post but the content is still legit; How did you end up working through this? We are deploying Intronis right now (new about 30 days in) and have written a script to push the software to a given machine and install silently. In order for it to work in bulk, we created EFDs at the client (intronis username and password) and agent level (computer ID and install checkbox). The script will pull the EFD and run the install in the background. From there, as long as the computer has been added to Intronis portal, it should validate. Once the backup set has been created, we apply a preferences template that excludes the temp/public/etc folders. We're working on a script to import an XML backupset file to a group of machines so we can push a default backup set down to a client (ie c:\users\*.*). I'd love to know if anyone has successfully done this? or if you're doing it another way? We are currently doing much of this Intronis backup solution manually - which I despise - I just hope their developers keep pushing forward; I love the product. I'd be happy to share my script if it helps anyone - or if anyone wants to take a look. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi and thanks! The majority of the places and reports I'm finding are in MB but there are only a few areas - like the Reports Tab at the plugin level has analyzer CSV exports in KB and then again at the machine level - the "last analyzer report" breakdown of source to files show kb - everything else seems to adjust accordingly now. Seems to be much better. It was almost as if once we hit the GB and MB mark, the labels adjusted accordingly... or I'm losing my mind. That's it! not an urgent request at all thanks!!
  4. I'd like to submit a feature request for ccleaner for labtech - for the love of Pete. Please convert the KBs to MBs. I'm so sick of eyeballing the list and guessing; it's not 1995 - move on to MB! That is all. Thanks!
  5. if it helps; i had too many 'check for windows updates' commands in the queue on the system itself and i guess it finally gave up and threw those errors at me... something to be said for patience... i left it overnight, rebooted the system in the morning; low and behold - it said i had a few updates to apply and it kept on chugging. eventually it resolved itself after a couple hours and i decided to cut down on my coffee intake to help my patience levels...
  6. I'm having the same exact issue.. What is the best way to kill all the scheduled and pending tasks? reboot? what type of autofix worked for you? i'm going insane as well!
  7. Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it! Good to hear the overhead is low. I was hoping it wasn't a killer. We've been using ProfitBricks for IaaS and have been happy so far. I'll take your advice and manage through LT. It seems that many plugin issues stem from not letting LT have control. Thanks again!
  8. We are a small MSP, new to LT (about 6 months in) and new to ESET (about 6 days in). We bundled the ESET AV plugin with malwarebytes and are ready to tackle the installation. In setting up eset, we found out we need to have an ESET server running... I'm not sure why we didn't know about that ahead of time ...usually pretty good about researching what i need to setup beforehand but i must have smoked too much crack that day... anyhow i digress... I'm wondering what are other labtech cloud partners using for their eset servers? My infrastructure is in the cloud - and i'd rather not spin up another server and have that expense at the moment... I have thought about ditching it and moving to something more lightweight, but all the reviews and posts and advice push me back to ESET. It's worth the investment but I'd like to hear what the masses in the same position are doing with their implementation. The variety of knowledge and experience on this board is awesome - i want to harness it all! Thanks! -LT/ESET newb
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