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  1. Do your tests from backstage with CWControl. That's the best comparison for what SHELL will do.
  2. The system account profile doesn't live under c:\users. It lives C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile You'll need to enumerate the path in another way.
  3. Easy, just add "LIMIT 1" to the end of the SQL (no quotes)
  4. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate is a good link www.mspgeek.com is another great link. I have no idea what your question is tho, lol. What is a host client? What does "transfer a user account" mean, according to you? So you say it is currently working, but its slow?
  5. Wow, that needs fixing .. looks like they broke the stock monitor rofl. Sigh, log it with support and tell them to fix that one
  6. This function is already built-in from a stock internal monitor.. you will want to adjust the 1 day to 14 days in the "Result" line below.
  7. There are 3 stock internal monitors you could alter to your hearts content. I'd pick the middle one for your example as that should be set to a servers group already.
  8. Also, if you use the control center the answer is always at the bottom in the bar there
  9. Just give the column a name. So do select MSPType, group_concat(email SEPARATOR ',') AS THISBIT from ... Then you just wanna fetch @sqlTHISBIT@ from each row after that
  10. Just run the stock script to remove probe from an offline agent. Be sure to enter 1 for the parameter if its still offline.
  11. The standard service plan monitors should get you there/close enough ?
  12. Rereading your post again its occurred to me its possible you could be talking about a remote monitor also. For that, check the monitors tile on the server(s) in question. There should be no doubleups there.
  13. Not sure if this is the best answer but at least its a quick fix - there's a script called "Pause Internal Monitors" - perhaps run this for/during the period your scheduled snapshot take place? Scriptnotes read: ** Super Admin permissions is required to manually run this script.** This script will prompt for a parameter of Minutes Delay. This value is used to mark all monitors that are to run in the next X minutes ahead X minutes. This will prevent them from running and generating alerts.
  14. Open the internal monitor itself - check the targets tab and take note of all those groups. Now go to the groups section and find those groups you saw and open them up to the computers-internal monitors tab and check your settings there. Do this for each target-listed-group until you find the one that's bugging you.
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