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  1. yes you need to right click and run-as-admin (and still save like normal)
  2. Add this to your search: As for versions.. https://www.onmsft.com/feature/cheat-sheet-our-guide-to-windows-10-version-numbers-and-features Or just make a table: *edit: Oh, if i misunderstood your question - i think you answer is just to open a script and right click and select Add. Then you can simply see all the available variables in that box right there. There's also a scriptfunction to gather them all up like this:
  3. no way no how eh. Try this page it may help you fix the issue https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/kaushal/2011/10/02/support-for-ssltls-protocols-on-windows/ https://serverfault.com/questions/606805/enabling-sha2-certificate-support-on-windows-server-2003
  4. if youre already going for an unsupported option, whats wrong with installing the agent on the OS ? unsupported doesnt mean it wont work
  5. Setting EDF's with a script should usually be fine. Unless you want a complete global change of all machines. Then you should just set the default in the dashboard. Try this button in your script so that it can run on an offline agent:
  6. If it disappears its likely not your script, but more likely the fact that the machine's currently offline and you've set it up to "skip offline".
  7. A script is nothing but a series of commands. Do you have the series of commands you want to run? What part isn't working? Can you provide screenshots? Automate scripting can filter a line by 32bit or 64bit so that part will be easy. It sounds like you are just wanting to run a single command - if you can get that command to work from this box then you can convert it to a script from the commands tile by way of a right click. After that you can schedule the new script across any selection you want.
  8. I'm unsure of your confusion but this works at my end ..
  9. If you're looking at your old server's (2k8) agentid you're looking at the wrong one. If you deploy the agent on the new 2016 server it'll have a new ID and act as the new automate server. Don't use LTPosH on your automate server to reinstall. I'd do that one by hand. On the 2016 server check the systray icon and you can right click and select about - that should give you the ID. If the tray icon is missing then check c:\windows\ltsvc\lterrors.txt for what its issue is - if that file is missing then you havent yet installed the agent.
  10. If you have very little experience perhaps stick to the Exclusions Tab in your screenshot - it should do everything you're asking. its per computer there tho, not per group.
  11. If your "main site" is where your automate server lives (or VPN Tunnels included) then this is working as expected. Traffic doesn't hit the internet IP so it will show the firewall.
  12. Yup, most users dont use automate for ticketing .. but the way it works is that automate logs a local ticket first .. and then the plugin syncs it to manage. So anyways .. your problem is the sync by the looks So, open the plugin and check the client is mapped correctly. in control centre go SYSTEM - Connectwise Manage and check the client mappings and check ticket sync there. dig there. Have ANY tickets for this particular client shown in manage ? And those two tabs relate but they're not the same no. the first is "last time it ran" which depends on the schedule on the config tab and the query results tab is always live data (what will alert next time the monitor runs)
  13. then it sounds like it should be creating a ticket .. can you go to the clients (or machines) properties and check the tickets tile/tab for a related ticket there ?
  14. do the servers appear as expected entries on the history tab? either way .. check the targettab and then manually open the related/all groups on the list and check the internal monitors tab, the alert template. ensure those are right
  15. the difference between the status tab and the query results tab is that the status tab is "what it looked like last time it ran" and the query results tab is the current state "right now" Could you paste the entire sql from the query results page ?
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