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  1. To answer your question; The SYSTEM context doesn't resolve usernames. To fix it - just use a hardcoded path like C:\Users\Public (or c:\programdata)
  2. To troubleshoot this you should hit the remote CommandPrompt button and then just explore the variable yourself - by typing: ECHO %username% Then in the response you can see what went wrong.
  3. It sounds like you want something checked regularly - when scheduling a script you can already schedule this regularly. So it sounds like what you should do is delete that external monitor (optional) and do everything from your script, and then schedule this to your hearts content.
  4. Well, the good news is that you'll probably never forget now haha
  5. Just doubleclick it. Welcome to Automate.
  6. This stock script is perhaps a reasonable example. Change the top IF FILE CHECK to be IF TRUE and do yours similar.
  7. Check the solution center .. it should just overwrite it again when you download the related solution.
  8. I would only do reporting on the %scriptid% tho, not the name (names are not unique, but ID's are for sure)
  9. This should work from a script (every script already has %scriptid% populated) - to extract the name you then just: select scriptname from lt_scripts where scriptid='%scriptid%';
  10. Be sure to use the variable in your console command (this is your step2)
  11. The console command is actually a two-step thing. It's possible you missed the first step which is this:
  12. Once you get your tokens deployment working yeah you can use it to generate MAC clients all the same. Here's how we display the win and mac agent on each location (as well as an option to email the tech etc)
  13. This fixed the Enable script for me, keeping both lines active just in case (i added the top one)
  14. FWIW - You don't actually need to do your own counting, the command has it included for you:
  15. When you say single server, do you use Screenconnect (Connectwise Control)? If so, that'll be the first thing to move off the server and onto a seperate VM. The rest should be fine. You should be able to double your capacity before needing to split servers so maybe something else broke your installation.
  16. labtech.agents the table combines all monitors so take care in what you change
  17. Just gather it yourself into any other variable like below I've expanded line 4 to show you can force carriage returns there so they're on separate lines in the result.
  18. check the table called inv_bios .. then just match the computerid and look in the biosdate column
  19. C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs\LTAGROUPBUILDing.txt C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs\LTAProccess.txt are your 2 new friends. The first one should be showing blocks of stuff each 24mins (30mins is fine too). Anything longer is likely a problem. the second log may show you if something got stuck/not progressing and/or it might be looping? C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs\LTASearches.txt <-- check this log and always ensure it shows (0) broken searches at the bottom.
  20. Do your tests from backstage with CWControl. That's the best comparison for what SHELL will do.
  21. The system account profile doesn't live under c:\users. It lives C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile You'll need to enumerate the path in another way.
  22. Easy, just add "LIMIT 1" to the end of the SQL (no quotes)
  23. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate is a good link www.mspgeek.com is another great link. I have no idea what your question is tho, lol. What is a host client? What does "transfer a user account" mean, according to you? So you say it is currently working, but its slow?
  24. Wow, that needs fixing .. looks like they broke the stock monitor rofl. Sigh, log it with support and tell them to fix that one
  25. This function is already built-in from a stock internal monitor.. you will want to adjust the 1 day to 14 days in the "Result" line below.
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