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  1. denis

    Folder Activity Script?

    How are you currently backing up to this folder? Generally most backup software can be configured to alert on failures.
  2. denis

    EDF Outputting \r\n

    Hi All, Wasn't quite sure where to post this. However i have an issue with a script where i'm running a powershell command as admin and storing the result in an extra data field. The result of the powershell command should be "3.03.10" without the "'s. This is what shows when running through the debugger, however when i check the extra data field on the workstation itself it is showing as "3.03.10\r\n" . Does anyone know why this happens or how to stop the \r\n from showing?
  3. denis

    Time skew script

    Funnily enough when i went to test it out again everything just worked without having to change anything. Working perfectly. We do use the hosted labtech here so not sure if something changed on their end. Working now thought and that's all that matters Thanks.
  4. denis

    Time skew script

    Thanks for the reply. I've just checked and mine is identical to your image. Not entirely sure what could be wrong.
  5. denis

    Time skew script

    Woops, forgot to add the .png
  6. denis

    Time skew script

    I'm just in the middle of implementing this into my labtech. I've added the script and added the same monitor in. This is actually coming up with an error when querying the results. I''m not the biggest Sql guru but here it is the error: Any help would be appreciated.
  7. denis

    [Help] Monitor for Blacklisted Events

    Hi Thanks for the reply Lako. That wouldn't monitor the occurrences though would it? Changing the 0 to 1 doesn't seem to change anything.
  8. Looking for some help creating a monitor that will go off if a blacklisted event is occurs more than once within 1 day. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. denis

    Reboot Network Device

    Is there any chance you could provide one of the scripts?
  10. denis

    Reboot Network Device

    Hi All, Looking to see - is it possible to create a script to reboot a network device, my case the network device being a Sonicwall. I started creating a script that would SSH to the network device If connection was successful Send 'Restart' command followed by 'Yes' sleep for 5minutes Open the ssh connection again if connection successful, pull the device uptime If the device uptime is less than 10 mintues Create a new ticket / email. If it didn't succeed at any point it would send an email notifying. However accidentally started creating the script as a computer script and not a network script. Since changing to a Network script i can't even get the script to send an email properly. Has anyone created a script to reboot a SonicWall?