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  1. Hello, Did anyone try to find the details of a network device (Citrix NetScaler) installed on a VM, using SNMP or anyother way?
  2. Thanks Tim, I will give it a go.
  3. Hi Tim, Thanks for the tool, I have been using this for long and want to share this with team, Is it possible for users other than Super Admin to have access, although they can see the dashboard they can only see 2 of 10 tiles, is there a way we can control/fix it? Please let us know. Regards Ram
  4. Hi, IT is opening the screenconnect window but I am getting a black screen, if I directly try to connect it is showing the login page, I am not sure what I am missing? Please help.. Regards Ram.
  5. Hi, I am looking for a script to temporarily disable webroot, is there any way I can script it or write a command for it. I know we can do disable using below 2 ways, if I can set them, can I write something like right click, disable webroot type command in labtech. 1. Adjust the current policy to allow Webroot to be shutdown manually, or 2. Move the endpoint to the Unmanaged policy temporarily for the troubleshooting." Any ideas would help me greatly. Regards Ram
  6. This is awesome, this is what exactly I was looking for. Thanks for this script.
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