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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Ian, I work on the Product team at Connectwise. I'm (obviously) not active on the forums, but you can find me in slack under igriesdorn if you'd like to chat. Wanted to talk about KI 11109583, which is the /Automate web throwing an error when a limited user clicks on the Scripts button. We identified an issue where if a partner has rows in their lt_scripts table that have blank values for Permissions, and EditPermissions, it is what is causing this error for the non super admin accounts. Running the following query will identify any scripts that are both 1) Blank, and/or 2) Not properly terminated: SELECT * FROM lt_scripts WHERE Permission = '' OR Permission NOT LIKE '%,%' Partners can then go to those scripts in the product, navigate to the Permissions tab, and set user class permissions to limit as they wish, then save the script. If they add a user class to a blank window, and remove it, it will add in "0," to the two columns in the database. While manual database manipulation is not recommended by me, if you want, you can update the values manually to 0, We have a 20 count of partners on this KI right now, and it's mostly MSPGeek (had to delete and correct that name 😅) on the list, so I thought it would be good to reach out to you all on the forums and through Slack to see if we can get the information propagated out in the community. We will be putting in a fix in the product that will prevent your /Automate web page's script button from throwing the error. Thanks, Ian Griesdorn EDIT: I forgot to follow up with this, I apologize. This fix has passed through the QA process, and is slated for release in 2019 Patch 4. I appreciate the positive feedback, and look forward to working with you all through Slack and on here in the future!