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  1. FWIW if you want the existing method to work you can change the share and file permissions (separately) on the \\server\Software to have at least read access for "Domain Computers" and it will work as is. It may be simpler to do as previously suggested and download the file directly from the LTShare but if that is not an option because of size or bandwidth limitations you can set the share and file permissions to allow "SYSTEM" to access the share. It is worth noting that locally on the PC running the script it is by default running that script as "SYSTEM". To the remote server that is authenticating that user it is seen as TheNameOfThePCRunningTheScript$. If you did not want to allow all "Domain Comptuters" read access technically you could add just the one PC to the Share and File permissions. Practically this does not make much sense, but it does help with the overall understanding hopefully. To test you will want to try to access the UNC path from the labtech command prompt tab on a PC at that site. dir \\server\Software dir \\server\Software\InternalApps dir \\server\Software\InternalApps\SOFTWARE.msi If it does not list the directory or file then your share and or file permissions are not yet allowing "Domain Computers" read access.
  2. Installing a font is just a matter of copying it to c:\windows\fonts\. Your script just needs to check for the existence of the font in the fonts directory and if it does not exist download the font and place it in that directory.