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  1. Sure, it is almost the same script, but the SQL query is different. the list should be like this:
  2. Thanks, I am waiting for my access to the production server, once I get I will immediately deploy your provided script. I hope this script will work on the production server, something is wrong with the labtech AWS hosted trial server, and I have mailed labtech about the issue, they haven't yet responded. Since a script does not harm the server if I run once instead of scheduling, so I will be able to test on real server, maybe by tomorrow, I will send you the output here. If any trouble still, I will notify you. Thanks for having such a great patience and teaching me about how thing works on labtech.
  3. second screenshot and the older one are not same, I am trying to get the script running on real server instead of this demo labtech one. I will report you the output, hoping on real server it will work. My one questions, since we are running the script on labtech server, does it mean the report (CSV file) will have details on all the clients, servers and workstation managed by the labtech server or it will only generate report on the labtech server itself? Also your original script has much more information gathering, can you please share that one here, so that I can test it and find if can use more field on the reports for a very detailed report?
  4. see below the screenshot for both the tab I guess you have what you need.
  5. Yes, email are separated with a semi-colon. Can you please tell me where is this script tab and the command tab for the PC? I see script and command by right-clicking the PC, but no tab.
  6. okay I did the email configuration, set two emails to send the csv file, one to my personal email and another one to the LT Server ticketing email account. but not getting any email. see the below image, the script is running too. https://www.dropbox.com/s/urb0s7qf3ohofjc/ltscript.JPG?dl=0
  7. okay, the new issues - I am remotely logged in to the server, so cannot map the L drive on my local PC. Here is my labtech server abdullah.hostedrmm.com, though it is a trial server, but we use it to test script and other feature before deploying to production one. how can I access the remote AWS hosted server directory from my local PC? And second issue: is there a way to send the csv file to LTServer admin email box or to any other email?
  8. I am having two issues, first I found where to change the labtech ID, but cannot find the server ID. I only have access to the control center, so need to know where to find the server ID. Secondly, I ran the script, but where is it the sending the script output? on email? but there is no email on the control center ticket box.
  9. need a little more help, where shall I put my LT ID on the XML script? Edit: ignore, I found it. Thanks
  10. Thanks, we have a development lt server, we will first test on that, if all good then will apply on our production servers. Thanks again friend
  11. Thanks a lot, let me try to use it, I am very noob on labtech. Hope will be able to implement it.
  12. Sorry, I did not notice the message, did not get any notification after my last reply. I will check the script.
  13. Hi, need some help creating a very simple script on labtech. Actually needed a report creating, but someone here suggested to use script. The need is a list of Current Customers, the number of servers and the number of workstations connected and managed by a labtech server. I want the script to run monthly and send the script output to email. I am very new to labtech, so need kind of guided help here. Regards
  14. Can you please point me to some tutorial or how-to guide, or guide me here, so that I can create the report, either using the Report Center or Dataviews? My boss just assigned me to a server and asked me to create this report. Initially scheduling is not of a concern, but yeah, I will also go for email reporting for monthly statement type things. Any links to how-to or tutorial is highly appreciated.
  15. Hi can you please guide me to create this script and how to deploy on labtech server, I was just assigned a server and asked to create this report. any link will be appreciated if you are busy and cannot concentrate here, I can then prepare following a tutorial.
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