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  1. If removed before expiration occurs it's incredibly simple to uninstall and remove the Webroot agent, have only run into troubles on seldom occasions with older OS's such as XP or Server 2003 but Microsoft doesn't even support those any longer for that matter.
  2. kbyrd

    Mac Webroot Deployment

    The latest plugin for Webroot includes a Mac deployment script as well as auto-deployment abilities onto Mac systems. We haven't had issues on systems from 10.13 going back to 10.7 - what is the error(s) you see when trying to push a deployment?
  3. kbyrd

    Labtech shows Webroot not installed

    It sounds like you should try contacting support once more and have it escalated to higher tier tech. I use several different automate environments for QA purposes and have not had issues with this feature functioning/reporting when endpoints are running as properly. Can you provide more detail on the system failing to report back properly? Is Webroot displayed within other expected areas for this agent such as Software, Processes, Services, etc.?
  4. kbyrd

    Labtech shows Webroot not installed

    Were you able to send the agent commands I mentioned? If you have an * behind the AP Process for the Virus Scan Definition and you've sent these commands and they were able to complete successfully then a simple refresh of the agent's Computer Screen should allow the update to be displayed. If this is not the case you may have other underlying issues here that would be contributing, personally I would ensure to contact Support to ensure this isn't the case. Automate has information on creation/editing of Virus Scan Definitions here: https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/LabTech11/Default.htm#Configuration/AntivirusDefinitions/CreatingEditingAntivirusDefs.htm If you truly would just like more information then see below: Name: DefLocation DefFilename Webroot SecureAnywhere 32bit %ProgramData%\WRData\WRLog.log (.*) Webroot SecureAnywhere 64bit %ProgramData%\WRData\WRLog.log (.*) Webroot SecureAnywhere XP 2003 32bit %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\WRData\WRLog.log (.*) Webroot SecureAnywhere XP 2003 64bit %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\WRData\WRLog.log (.*) Name: ProgLocation: Webroot SecureAnywhere 32bit %programfiles(x86)%\Webroot\WRSA.exe Webroot SecureAnywhere 64bit %programfiles%\Webroot\WRSA.exe Webroot SecureAnywhere XP 2003 32bit %programfiles(x86)%\Webroot\WRSA.exe Webroot SecureAnywhere XP 2003 64bit %programfiles%\Webroot\WRSA.exe The UpdateCMD will be the corresponding file paths as shown above followed by -poll, eg. %programfiles(x86)%\Webroot\WRSA.exe -poll Again, keep in mind Server 2003 and XP machines will often share the same paths so expect oddities. If you have MAC systems, then you can use below: Program Location: /Applications/Webroot SecureAnywhere.app/Contents/info.plist Definition Location: /library/Application Support/Webroot/macdefs_lkg.wdf AP Process: WSDaemon Date Mask: (.*) OS Type: MAC Also keep in mind, once this information has been added or adjusted within these settings it's best practice to restart the DBAgents. You can do this from within the Plugin Manager or by simply closing and restarting the Control Center. After the DBAgents has been restarted be sure to send the commands previously mentioned. Hope this gets you where you're trying to get.
  5. kbyrd

    Labtech shows Webroot not installed

    Hi! The XP 2003 definition was removed as it on seldom occasion clashed with Server 2003 and therefore display the wrong information. Be sure to update your AV definitions via Solution Center - after send the Resend Everything inventory command and Update Plugins command. This typically resolves this issue for me.
  6. Hello everyone, Previously I've provided a script that can be used to push Webroot agents out to Mac endpoints. Just recently I've modified\created a monitor within Labtech to discover and push Webroot agents using the Auto-Deployment option that is available. At this time I've been able to test in on OS X 10.12, 10.11, and 10.10 with success although I would like to have it tested out a bit more to see if it also works for others - and if maybe there are any tweaks that may be made. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks
  7. my Mac LTagents were not updating properly previously - I have resolved this and can also confirm these settings have also worked for me at this time as well. Thank you sir!
  8. kbyrd

    Webroot Mac Install Script

    in case anyone is ever in need, http://download.webroot.com/RMM/LabTech/Webroot-Deploy-Solution_v2-5.zip
  9. kbyrd

    Webroot Mac Install Script

    I would actually install the plugin first as it'll be using information pulled from this plugin to proceed with the installations.
  10. kbyrd

    Webroot Mac Install Script

    If you're using Webroot plugin version 2.5.x then this keycode should be pulled on it's own. I've only seen the key unable to be pulled when the LTAgent is taking to long to check back with the Control Center but beyond this, and only in two instances I've seen this related to permission/ACL issues on the machine. Is this taking place this way across all OS X versions you're running? Also, when this occurs, what does Labtech show within your Scripts tab in the script logging messaging? Thanks! Kevin B
  11. kbyrd

    Virus scanner checks

    when I reached out directly I was provided, "Unfortunately at this time, all AV Detections that are in LabTech will work with Windows computers only. There is no way to get AV Detections for Mac computers to work. If you still have questions simply respond to this email and we'll continue working on your inquiry accordingly. It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the quick survey that follows the resolution of this ticket. We are working hard to provide the best service we can and the feedback you provide in the survey helps us improve the support process. Thanks again for contacting LabTech Support and have a great day. Mike S. LabTech Support Team" Have also tried the mentioned syntax options above without any luck of it reporting back, currently using LT11.0.353 patch 10
  12. kbyrd

    Labtech shows Webroot not installed

    This info should also be update-able via Solution Center at this time as well if anyone happens to still be experiencing this. As mentioned above, we generally resolve this by ensuring the Virus Scan Defs are up-to-date then Right click Client/Site/Machine - choose Commands > Labtech > Update Plugins followed by Commands > Inventory > Update Inventory > Resend Everything
  13. kbyrd

    AV checking log file?

    older post but stumbled across it while searching for other answers - I believe concerning the AV question from OP you're in search of this info: The virus definitions (in the dashboard) have a setting for an Autoprotect Process. If this process is not found running Labtech will assume the AV is not running and this monitor will alert. So basically the query that runs the monitor does the following Checks to see if AV is detected at all (VirusScanner <>'0' Checks to see if the Agent has checked in recently (Computers.LastContact > (NOW() - INTERVAL 15 MINUTE) Both of these are to prevent false positives. Ie running on agents that don't have AV at all or are offline. Finally it checks to see if that Auto Protect Process (as defined in the Dashboard) is present and running on the agent. If it is not and if the agent passed the first 2 parts of the check.. then it will alert. If you add/update Virus Scan defs I've personally had the best luck sending Commands > Labtech > Update Plugins & Commands > System Inventory > Resend Everything to have this information populate and/or update hope this helps!
  14. I also tried this with no luck myself, however the "Update Plugins" Labtech command that I would normally send on the PC side of things to have this update is showing as unsupported for Mac agents.....Resend Everything with System Inventory also did not help - any other ways I'm missing to have Labtech update this information?
  15. Thanks for this! I'll certainly give it a go as well and see what my outcome is