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  1. I'm getting stuck on Exit Code: 1612 running the PS Script. There's some endpoints that still have remnants of LT or Automate agents still so the install through PS, CMD fail. Anyway to add a ForceUninstall-Automate where it will download the Uninstaller anyway and run it even if it doesn't detect an installation of it? I'm an idiot. I see it from the notes -Force for the win.
  2. Hmm... just tried the offline script on a client laptop and I am unsure where to see the logs for any errors.
  3. So I was going machine by machine for a specific client and going to the Ignite Tab -> Exclusions -> and checking "Enable Bad Process AutoFix" and after about ten of them I realized how much time it took and I have 120 more to go. Can I effectively do the same thing by shift-click and drag the company or location into the "Enable Autofix Kill Bad Process" group? If not... is there an easier way to do this?
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