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  1. After working with Labtech support, I found they have the same access to documentation that I do, therefore, some of my questions are unanswered. There is no documentation on what directories it queries to determine how many "temp files" are present on a system. It does report a number to the database, but no way to tell how it's calculated. Useless. Also, it looks like the script has nothing to do with the Dashboard config for Disk Cleanup. They did state the "Command" for Disk Cleanup should run off the config in the Dashboard cleanup, but I have not verified that yet.
  2. I'm having a hard time with Disk Cleanup and autofix, and not getting any good help from Labtech. Essentially all I want is to have happen is: 1. LT scans temp folders that I choose (or at a minimum, %USERPROFILE%\temp and %windir%\temp) and figures out the size. 2. When the size is greater than a threshold (say 500MB), run the autofix action to delete the temp files in the scanned directories. 3. Have the script then check size again, and if under 500MB, update and close the ticket. Really none of it's working and hard for me to troubleshooot, the C:\Windows\LTSvc\DiskClea
  3. Thanks for the reply and the info! Do you find the SNMP checks to be reliable?
  4. Anyone do any monitoring of low disk space conditions on a NAS? In particular a Buffalo NAS that we use for backup targets. So far the Event Logs for the backup software (Intronis) do not give anything specific on low disk space, the only thing we can monitor is if the backup fails. But I figure I want to monitor low disk space on NAS units that are not just used for backups too. Thanks!
  5. We are currently monitoring all services, but anyone who has done this knows what kind of a maintenance nightmare it can be. I'm thinking that for workstations, you don't need to monitor all the services, just a few critical ones. Is anyone just monitoring specific WIndows services, and if so, which ones? The Print Spooler. DHCP Client, DNS Client, Computer Browser, and User Profile Service would be the ones I would think should be monitored from a system stability standpoint, but definitely open to suggestions. Thanks!
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