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  1. canoncapital


    we have the same problem, with no help from LT support. can you tell us where to find the patch remedy program, from Qbert?
  2. canoncapital

    Patch Manager Alternatives

    we have exactly the same problem. If someone finds a better patching solution we would love to hear about it too!
  3. canoncapital

    LabTech Stuck Commands Fixes

    I thought was the bad version? Did they come out with a newer version, for example ?
  4. canoncapital

    LabTech Stuck Commands Fixes

    I am having the same issues. Labtech V11, 750 agents, LT hosted server. Yesterday i set self protection to minimal and removed the LT exclusions in webroot per information on this thread. Today - the situation is much, much worse - have at least 40 computers with the problem, it had been down to about 4 or 5 per day. I am going to put the exclusions back in but leave self protection to minimal, see what happens.
  5. canoncapital

    Slow Labtech Control Center

    We have been on labtech for about 8 months (using their internet hosted server solution, not premise based). Performance can be painful at times. Labtech control center "hangs" for 5 to 10 seconds A LOT, says not responding. Then it comes back to life. Sometimes sits there for 30 seconds before coming back. It is very frustrating. We started on LT 10.5, are now on LT 11. Do not see any difference, same speed/hanging issues on LT11 vs LT10.5. We have 750 agents on our system. REALLY wish they would fix this.
  6. canoncapital

    Rough Time with LT Hosted

    We have been on LT hosted for about 3 months. We have about 600 agents installed, and performance is not very good. It varies from hour to hour, sometimes minute to minute. Sometimes i double click an item in control center and it comes right up. Other times, it just spins for 30 seconds, then finally comes up. I'm waiting on a LT support chat session right now to see if they can help me - my techs are really complaining. Also - we noticed this during our trial, too (with only a hand full of agents installed) but we were assured that once we went live they would tweak the server to give us good performance. They may have tweaked the server, but our performance is not very good.
  7. canoncapital

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    I am a brand new Labtech user. We have quite a few customers with workgroup computers (not domain). Most of these users only have one user id on their computer so when they turn it on it goes right to their desktop, does not prompt for password. Users that do have passwords only see their account on the windows login screen. I believe that if we create another local account (admin level) to use with labtech, this admin account will show up on these user's login screens, which will be very confusing and will expose the user id to the end user. Any way of getting around this? Ideally, we want to create a local admin account, on workgroup computers to use with labtech, but do not want it to change the user's experience. Will your MSP Accounts plugin allow us to do this?