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  1. Thanks. It's really flaky. I simply went to the end of a few lines, hit delete, then enter again. It removed the "bad characters" from the first unexpected token error. Now it won't pull any environment variables. Doe the plugin allow it? For example, APPDATA is and environment variable that points the user's profile directory. If I go to the Powershell Commands tab and type in: $env:APPDATA, I get - C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming. How can I pull the correct value from the user's environment. BTW, same thing happens when I run a script from the plugin. Works fine if I do from a regular command line
  2. Cool plugin. Just installed it and testing a script I know runs in Powershell ISE. But with the plugin I'm getting this error when looking on the Powershell Command Console. Why would it run in ISE on the local machine, but not on the machine using the plugin? Error Message: Executing Script ....At C:\Windows\temp\myPSScript.ps1:3 char:17 + ... put_file = '\\servername.org\Data\Share\Public\Logs\' + $env:USER ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unexpected token '\\servername.org\Data\Share\Public\Logs\' + $env:USERNAME + '.txtâ?T' in expression or statement. At C:\Windows\temp\myPSScript.ps1:12 char:41 + $findstr = 'user_pref("app.update.auto", true)' The script lines are: $input_path = $env:APPDATA+'\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles.ini’ $output_file = '\\servername.org\Data\Share\Public\Logs\' + $env:USERNAME + '.txt’ $regex = ‘Profiles.*$' select-string -Path $input_path -Pattern $regex -AllMatches | % { $_.Matches } | % { $_.Value } > $output_file
  3. I'm trying to work with the new LabTech Report Manager. The Ticket Summary report shows the last rolling 30days by default. I'd like to modify this to reflect tickets each month's tickets (i.e. all tickets for July only). I've looked through the data sources for the Ticket Summary report and one of the tables pointed to is "h_clientstatsdaily" I can't figure out how this table is populated. Anyone know? Getting through to LT Tech Support is always a nightmare. I like the layout of the TS report, so I would rather not recreate it from scratch. Thanks, David
  4. I know this is an old thread, but it's what search found when I queried for creating a network redirector for putty. Maybe this can't be done, but I'm trying to set LabTech up where I can putty into network switches and routers from inside LabTech, under the Client | Network folder. I followed basically what was listed, but substituted putty.exe for winscp.exe. Here is what I have: Name: Putty Program: %programfiles%\Labtech Client\putty\putty.exe Arguments: -ssh %RemoteIP% (this is the correct argument - I can run; putty.exe -ssh switch IP and get there fine) Redirector Type: Device / Basic Redirected Ports: Same as in the winscp example After a bit I get an error that the Tunnel couldn't be established. It looks like it's trying to go through our Network Probe device, which is the domain controller for the location. Any ideas? Or am I trying something that won't work? Thanks! David
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