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  1. jhodge

    Duo Security Plugin

    Have you tried Help> Plugin Manager> Highlight the plugin> Advanced> Manage Plugins> Remove Plugin?
  2. jhodge

    Client IE version info

    You can use powershell to query the IE version with the following command: (Get-Item 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer').GetValue('Version') EDIT: If you store it in an EDF you can use the search function for that EDF to generate a report listing each agent and what version it has. Here's what my basic script looks like. I also created a tab to list all my custom EDFs.
  3. jhodge

    LabTech Stuck Commands Fixes

    The blue screen issue with Webroot from what I've seen have only been with Microsoft wireless keyboard. I've seen other keyboards work fine like logitech. The work around for this is listed in the article: https://www5.nohold.net/Webroot/Loginr.aspx?pid=4&login=1&app=vw&solutionid=2545 I have successfully deployed this fix to many workstations that were blue screening.
  4. jhodge

    Commands stuck in "executing" state

    EDIT: Nvm got it working.
  5. jhodge

    Mass Close Tickets from Dataview

    Scipts> Maintenance> Tickets > Ticket Finish by Ticket Number, then enter the range of ticket numbers you want to close. You can pretty much run this on any PC, but I choose my tech PC to play it safe.
  6. jhodge

    Parsing results and storing in EDF

    Use the function ExtraData Set Value, and select your extra field to set.
  7. jhodge

    Run a CCleaner scan in the background.

    Try using the portable version, then you just move the exe and ini file.
  8. jhodge

    LabTech 11 and Screenconnect Problem

    EDIT: Just realized the post above, same thing. Verified this does fix the issue.
  9. jhodge

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    Create a CNAME on your domain pointing to your LT cloud server address. Then use the CNAME for the install.
  10. jhodge

    Duo Security Plugin

    Thanks Philip! After adding a CNAME pointing to our cloud FQDN, Duo is now installed. EDIT: This is working 100% for soft token from the Duo Android app for me.
  11. jhodge

    Duo Security Plugin

    I get this error while running the installer. A previous post said this might be supported with cloud hosting. I'm guessing it's not, right?
  12. jhodge

    SpeedTest V2 (major update)

    Is there a dll install/plugin version for cloud partners?