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  1. Hello, Does anyone have this working? We are cloud based Automate, and I am really struggling to get Datview Creator functioning again. Does it work? If not, does someone have a suggestion for a dataview for pc retirement auditing? The reports are ok, but don't export data, and I can't locate an already built dataview I can use. TIA, Trish
  2. Does this work currently? I can't seem to locate it but have the value added and set to TRUE...
  3. HI folks! Newb to labtech here; thanks for the great plug in! Just one question, I when attempt to add it though plug-in manager I receive "There was an error uploading the new plugin". I have already right clicked the opendns.dll, clicked properties and unlocked it as mentioned above, and I am the ltadmin (cloud based LT). Thanks in advance for the assistance!
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