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  1. # Delete Tickets that are Closed and older than 90 days DELETE FROM `tickets` WHERE `STATUS` = "4" AND `UpdateDate` < NOW() - INTERVAL 90 DAY; # Delete Tickets that never synced to Manage and are older than 90 days DELETE FROM `tickets` WHERE `ExternalID` = "0" AND `UpdateDate` < NOW() -INTERVAL 90 DAY; # Delete info from labtech.ticketdata table if tickets.ticketID no longer exists in labtech.tickets DELETE FROM `ticketdata` WHERE `ticketID` NOT IN (SELECT `ticketID` FROM tickets); Pieces of my maintenance/cleanup script I use to dump old ticket info.
  2. Hello, all. I've found myself hitting a wall with one of our internal monitors and the alert message that is sent when it is triggered. We're on LabTech/Automate v12.0.269 and integrating with ConnectWise Manage v2018.1 (52158). The use case is that our operations manager wants a ticket generated for every new computer that gets our agent installed, and at the end of the month they do an export of all new computer tickets to Excel to do operation-ish things with. We've been accomplishing this so far by using an internal monitor that checks the computers table for the DateAdded field for the condition DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -28 DAY) and has monitor mode set for Once Per 5 Years. The Alerting for the monitor is configured globally, and message on Success and Failure are the same. When the Subject on Success/Failure is left blank (as default), the tickets that are created (via Manage Plugin) have the Subject/Summary of XXX - New Computer Added to Automate:127422 - ComputerName ComputerID DateAdded. I've attached an example from my Manage Service Board showing this. I've tried manually setting the Alert Message Subject to XXX - New Computer Added to Automate - %ComputerName%, but when I do this the tickets that are created show as XXX - New Computer Added to Automate - ComputerName:127422. The goal is to have a ticket created by the monitor that A) does not have the monitor ID appended and B) contains only the monitor name and computer name (XXX - New Computer Added to Automate - ComputerName). Any advice on how to accomplish this? Or, better yet, is there any way to test the Alert Message output without triggering the monitors (I prefer to learn to fish instead of being fed)?
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