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  1. I am also unsuccessful at importing. Can't see the monitor anywhere although it looks like it is importing. I am hosted too. Did we loose the ability to import sql? Had no problems before.
  2. Miracle of Miracles!! This morning I checked and sure enough, ESXI is found!! But iLO is missing. Besides disabling scanning the ilo IP address and enabling MAC scanning, I didn't do anything else. I have no clue why it finds it sometimes and not at other times. If it's first come first found then that's stupid!
  3. Hi Duvak, Thanks for the input. I had read about diff subnets, however only one network segment. Whats even more frustrating is that I have setup several clients at different locations with same HP servers, same modem, routers, same EsXI ver 6.5 HP Customised, using same single network config at all locations. Two sites detected ESXi correctly after many attempts at mac scanning and disabling scanning of ilo IP. The other sites either don't pick it up at all or pick it up using the same IP as ilo but showing diff mac. see pic. Cheers
  4. Seems to be a hit and miss with Gen 2 Probe picking up Esxi. I have tried Mac address scanning, Disabling Ilo IP address scan, some Esxi hosts are picked up with their correct IP and Mac address while other sites the probe picks it up but uses the same IP as the Ilo. On other sites the ESxi isn't picked up at all. SNMP is enabled! Auvik is authenticating with SNMP. I've been reading and patiently waiting to get this resolved, not sure what else to do, any help appreciated.
  5. This video was awesome thank you! Definitely easier to listen and learn from you guys than reading horrible documentation from Connectwise.
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