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  1. I guess if it's not the size it's the... That sucks that even you aren't getting support. We have pretty much moved to Atera at this point, and it's not the greatest, but patches are vastly simpler. I'm just using LabTech to push out stuff like Ninite and another instance of ScreenConnect. I find it odd that ScreenConnect works as well as it does and LT hosted with ConnectWise is such a Frankenstein's monster. I'd really like to see something like Atera but have it be able to integrate with tons of third party software so we could make the MSP we really want instead of all these MSP packages that all have major deficiencies in areas. And I'd probably give LT another chance if we could keep the agents in place but get a new instance. /rant off
  2. I never have, but I came in about 9 months after LT was deployed here. They did an initial setup and some training and then the company was left to its own devices, which is definitely part of our LT problem. But the hybrid thing doesn't seem to be fully thought out and we just don't have the time to spend waiting in an IVR queue for hours. Plus I think we are in arrears, so I don't really know. I'm guessing too that a 3000+ client gets faster attention than a 750 license place like us. I'm just amazed how much it costs really.
  3. I was a jackass and thought the machine was just screwed up so I spent a couple quality hours trying to figure out what was wrong before I used my brain and Googled it.
  4. Yeah, but check out that sweet new GUI. The one time I called them was to get DropBox installed on our host, which promptly was outdated within a week due to it not updating.
  5. I was thinking they would use another box on an EC2 instance in a different region or something to that effect.
  6. Our install of LabTech was actually preventing patches for pretty much every machine we have. I'm not a LabTech master by any means, but I basically had to use a script outside of LabTech to allow updates, and we are using another MSP to actually patch.
  7. Pretty much. I found a thread at ScreenConnect that said it was pretty much just the bad drivers. I had to uninstall and delete the Matrox (WinBond) drivers on a 2008 server and now it works flawlessly.
  8. Myself and another guy handle about 700 machines including 45 servers or so and we are way behind on really making LabTech fully functional. In my estimation adding one guy would get us in a more balanced position. The problem, at least for me is that when I seem to get anywhere with something I get dragged out into the field, possibly for a quick visit or sometimes for a multiple client visit that is going to take a few days to resolve even from the office. It's in that time that I lose track of where I was mentally and while I don't have to relearn everything, it can get tedious upon continuing. I also seem to run into problems that only the cloud solution has. I think though if you can get LT running smoothly from the outset it's a lot less trouble. I'm not sure how far LT goes in initial setup as I was not a part of it.
  9. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but using Windows 10, Control Center 110.350 was crashing to oblivion upon (I assume) a successful login and wasn't updating. I had to manually download the 110.360 installer and execute it. Note that I use the cloud solution from LT. Hoping to save someone some time with this. If it's the wrong category, please move it. Thanks
  10. Has anyone seen a roadmap for where the "new" LabTech/Automate is headed or what features are planned, etc.? I only saw something from 2014. Thanks
  11. Maybe set up a script that does a page request from both of them and if anything but some known good values are returned it throws an alarm? I'm just guessing here, this sub forum is pretty much a ghost town now.
  12. I saw a suggestion about tips & tricks in another thread that states at 350 users you should start thinking about an on-premises server. I guess my question is why? Our agents come up in about 5 seconds and connect almost instantly. The one thing I think I've noticed is that commands & scripts don't always seem to run, or they are very late. Any advice? Thanks.
  13. Good read, though I disagree on the disabling of monitors, at least TCP alerts for our setup. We do primarily dental offices. The only thing I really want open is port 80. Got rid of 200K alerts the first week I started tweaking labtech. Though, I am curious how people are testing before going into production. My install is in the cloud with about 750 agents and 60 companies. Are people performing failovers if something goes wild, or are you just doing scripts on a small number of agents? My accidentally learned trick is hitting shift-enter to bring up the old interface, and that Solution Centers newest update makes some useful reports by default and appears to have a decent template designer. Also, if you are like we are, pretty much every plug-in or solution we had was well out of date. Something to think about if you are looking for resources you can't find in the docs.
  14. This might be a stupid question, but what do you use network redirectors for? I can set up a tunnel, see the connection in LabTech, even see the IP of the interface on the otherside and successful pings by LabTech but I'm not quite sure how to reach it, as it doesn't set up an interface on my local network. Any advice? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the solution. We are hosted by LabTech so no real control. Our does say something about not being able to retrieve ticket information every time control center is pulled up if you know anything about that.
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