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  1. Hey folks All our Sophos Endpoints are saying they haven't updated since Feb 20. Looking in the appropriate folder, I can see it's looking at VDL.DAT, which was indeed last updated on that date. Looks like Sophos have changed what they update, now there are a bunch of files with .ide extensions that seem to get updated whenever they need to, but no definitive file I can watch as far as I can tell. I'm trying inje-ddi.ide, that was the one that most recently updated, will monitor, but if anyone has a solid answer for this I would love to get it nailed Jase
  2. Update - the info I was missing was how to set a custom query as the data source. Thanks to @Gavsto, for showing me that. Still trying to work out how to return only <n> results - putting LIMIT <n> on the end of the custom query doesn't work, because the filtering by ClientID in the subreport happens *after* the LIMIT in the SQL statement, so there's no guarantee there will be a record for that clientID in the limited dataset. I'll keep digging
  3. Hi folks We are using the SquattingDog SpeedTest plugin and wanting to add a SpeedTest results subreport to our monthly client report. I've sort of got the data in, but it there are multiple results per computer, per location, per client. Ideally I want to graph the last N results per location, but I'd be happy to be able to simply grab the most recent result per location. Pretty sure I have the joins wrong as I'm getting some results and a lot of blank ones. What I'm hoping to learn is a) how to return the most recent result by date, and b) what is the best way to join the tables? Cheers Jase
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