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  1. Solution Center still seems to depend on TLS 1.0 connectivity back to their servers despite 2019.11/12 changelog saying this was fixed. It doesn't appear to be fixed.
  2. You can consider changing the perspective of how you utilize the parameter, such as using hexadecimal or even better, base-2, and enumerate that. This is just a suggestion, so I'm sorry, it isn't a direct response to your question for what you are trying to figure out.
  3. Yep, helps a lot! Thank you, Darren! :))
  4. Regarding the use of MYSQLENCODE(), could you provide an example usage AFTER MYSQLENCODE() has been used? I'm failing to see how this offers any protection, but this is because of my ignorance and inexperience, hence my question. Once you have encoded the input, how do you use the encoded input? Provide examples please - this will help with my understanding.
  5. This screams technical debt. Some aspects might not be possible. Additionally, you potentially open your system up to misuse and risk data access to your clients (think legal). This is a big nope. Resell is the alternative, but the reason they should be paying YOU is because YOU have invested time and money to build a service/product that gives them value that does not come default/stock/out-of-the-box for the price they pay. This is your selling point and sets you apart from other competitors.
  6. Use the MSI, transfer it to the agent, execute the MSI with: msiexec /i "C:\Full\Path\To\File.msi" /qn It's up to you to write an uninstall script for any existing AV that may be present, and you may want to do that first before installing a new AV.
  7. Use table hotfixdatacompliancedata to determine when the last time was when a Microsoft patch was installed.
  8. Are there any plans to have an export format that would be GitHub-friendly for tracking script changes (versioning)?
  9. Rename the file name, then rename it back to the original file name. Then, rename the file extension, then rename it back to the original extension. 4-step process.
  10. Might I add that ConnectWise Technical Support will not support custom monitors? You would have to pay extra for consulting services to receive support.
  11. Our downstream providers use stateless equipment and our firewalls are rated for 500k+ concurrent connections. We are nowhere near that limit. Additionally, the cloud-hosted and Azure-hosted RMM instances are also experiencing the connection failure issues and are fairly small (less than 25 agents), so I think this is not the root of the issue. I wish ConnectWise would factor in the cloud-hosted RMM environment and troubleshoot that since it's their own environment and setup.
  12. We got LDAP integration setup and working for all but 1-2 technicians (of 100). For whatever reason I am still trying to discover, I am unable to get this technician logged in with their Active Directory password in either the web client or desktop client. Their account is setup identically to the other 99 technicians. When I set their password through Automate, they can login with that password once. After the first login attempt, their password is automatically changed (supposed to be Active Directory password, as it was for the other 99 technicians). However, neither the web client or desktop client are accepting the technician's Active Directory password. Their Active Directory account is not locked out. I'm banging my head on this. ( EDIT: So we got the technician in, finally. This is the process we followed: Try login twice to desktop client (kill LTClient.exe between attempts). Try login twice to web client. Reboot. Do not open anything, open web client and login, and keep it open. Login to desktop client. For our other 98-99 technicians, two login attempts via desktop client is all it took to get in. ) Other questions: Is it possible to lock out an Active Directory account from too many failed login attempts via Automate web client or desktop client? Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been disabled? Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been deleted?
  13. Use Shell script function to execute: powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoProfile -NoLogo -Command "& C:\Windows\Temp\Yourscript.ps1"
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