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  1. Our downstream providers use stateless equipment and our firewalls are rated for 500k+ concurrent connections. We are nowhere near that limit. Additionally, the cloud-hosted and Azure-hosted RMM instances are also experiencing the connection failure issues and are fairly small (less than 25 agents), so I think this is not the root of the issue. I wish ConnectWise would factor in the cloud-hosted RMM environment and troubleshoot that since it's their own environment and setup.
  2. We got LDAP integration setup and working for all but 1-2 technicians (of 100). For whatever reason I am still trying to discover, I am unable to get this technician logged in with their Active Directory password in either the web client or desktop client. Their account is setup identically to the other 99 technicians. When I set their password through Automate, they can login with that password once. After the first login attempt, their password is automatically changed (supposed to be Active Directory password, as it was for the other 99 technicians). However, neither the web client or desktop client are accepting the technician's Active Directory password. Their Active Directory account is not locked out. I'm banging my head on this. ( EDIT: So we got the technician in, finally. This is the process we followed: Try login twice to desktop client (kill LTClient.exe between attempts). Try login twice to web client. Reboot. Do not open anything, open web client and login, and keep it open. Login to desktop client. For our other 98-99 technicians, two login attempts via desktop client is all it took to get in. ) Other questions: Is it possible to lock out an Active Directory account from too many failed login attempts via Automate web client or desktop client? Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been disabled? Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been deleted?
  3. BlueToast

    Running powershell scripts reliability

    Use Shell script function to execute: powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoProfile -NoLogo -Command "& C:\Windows\Temp\Yourscript.ps1"
  4. Is anyone else experiencing this issue (observable in LTErrors.txt agent log file)? In a client environment with a solid and stable network I have personally observed the impact of this (RMM server thought agent was offline even though I was remoted into another agent on the same network). In communication with ConnectWise, they did confirm that this could result in potentially missed alerts and data (the original focus of our issue). We have also checked three different RMM systems (one of which is our own on-prem, another which is cloud-hosted by ConnectWise, and the third in Azure) and found the same issue to exist in those environments, including on the Automate application server. Two systems we checked had no AV whatsoever, and we did not find anything misconfigured with DNS or network ports. Additional details: Azure RMM has less than 10 agents Cloud-hosted RMM has around 25 agents Our on-prem RMM has 10k+
  5. BlueToast

    Dataview Formatting

    Apologies for thread necro, but my question is directly related. How do you get formatting to occur for 3-4 different outputs? Example: "True" "False" "No Data" "" For True, I want green background black font. For False, I want red background white font. For No Data, I want yellow background black font. For "" (nothing/blank), I want no formatting. Is this possible?? The challenge I am experiencing is that every field preceding the field I am applying this formatting to received the formatting for "No Data", even though none of the preceding fields for that row match (and even though there is no formatting applied to preceding fields of the same row). I am hoping that through a constructive response I would better understand how multiple conditions for formatting works, especially in something to say "if = this, then do this, else nothing"
  6. Is there a known way of decompressing or decrypting script data from the scripts.`ScriptData` field?
  7. BlueToast

    High Availability of the LabTech Server

    @datagen24 are you still running this setup? How has your experience been? How many agents do you have in your system?
  8. BlueToast

    RMM Security Best Practices

    #6 and #10 are the same thing
  9. Wait, hold on, you mean "Windows Server 2003"? Not supported (for several technical and practical reasons)! Get those bad boys upgraded
  10. I forgot to mention this -- being after the fact -- we have a script that sets a Script State for PowerShell version. They're similar to EDFs.
  11. BlueToast

    Access Denied during File Download

    Is this setup correctly?
  12. BlueToast

    RMM Security Best Practices

    Anyone care to share a robots.txt they are using?
  13. When I try to access the link to the Internal Monitor for Remote Monitor Version Mismatch:
  14. Hello! Is there a way to force reinstallation of Remote Monitors properly? This MySQL query succeeds in removing the Remote Monitors per criteria from the database: DELETE FROM agents WHERE agents.`ComputerID`='44356' AND (agents.`DataOut` LIKE '%VEEAM%' OR agents.`AlertMessage` LIKE 'VEEAM%'); And, the system quickly responds to installing the Remote Monitors again. However, after the system finishes installing the Remote Monitors, the Commands History is spammed with a message: So, perhaps another way to word my question: is there a way to force Remote Monitors on a remote agent to reinstall/reinitialize properly (without having a constant unending SPAM of the above message in Commands History as noted above)?
  15. Has anyone successfully gotten working the ConnectWise Automate Control Center fat client within their RDS environment for users who do not have any local/domain administrative rights? If so, how?