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  1. mike_judd

    SQL Query to pull agent count by Client

    Turns out I have some non-binary agents: They're a mix of XP, agents that never fully checked in, and duplicate agents. I don't see anything common among them.
  2. mike_judd

    SQL Query to pull agent count by Client

    Thanks for sharing. My numbers don't add up. What info can I gather to help tighten up the query?
  3. mike_judd

    Alert based on blacklisted MAC address

    Someone else will directly answer your question. I'm going to throw out that you can blacklist MAC addresses so they don't check back in > https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Knowledge_Base_Articles/Blacklist_MAC_Address_for_Rogue_Agents
  4. I've asked a similar question several times and no one has been able to help. For a quick and dirty, you could set up a Session Group to show all computers that have been offline over xx days. The filter would be "LastEventTime < $xxDAYSAGO". I've seen cases where the SC agent was broken/removed so you might get burned on a few computers that are actually live. SC support, which is typically pretty good, has confirmed there's not a way to export a list of clients & computers to use for reference. Their suggestion was to view the source code of the page that shows all endpoints, then clean that up to get a list of computers. I've done that. It ain't fun. I'm sure there's a fancy way to clean it up. I just used find/replace in Word. Have fun!
  5. mike_judd

    Ms Teams integration with LabTech

    What does this do? Anything more than placing alerts in Teams? It doesn't seem like a plugin would be required for that.
  6. Check System > Users & Contacts > Users Open a user. Select Groups & Clients tab. Make sure each user is a "Member of" "All Clients"
  7. mike_judd

    Automate: New Network Map???

    The new Network Mapper in CWA will be available soon. It's picked up an awesome, new PM who is driving it to production. It's been in beta for a while now and should be released soon. I believe the timeframe is "within a few weeks" and is a believable statement. It will be fairly light to start, but should work well to cover basic network discovery, identity, and monitoring, with plans to quick add new features over time.
  8. A couple of things to check: 1) Make sure the user class has access to Locations 2) Check System > Users & Contacts > Users > Choose a non-Super Admin > Groups & Clients tab > Make sure All Clients is in the Member Of box under Group Membership (or the proper clients for the user role if you're doing that sort of thing) I did the same update on Sunday and battled this most of Monday morning. I think CW support found some corruption in the User table of the DB, but they claim they didn't do anything and our issues were resolved the next day. I'm curious if they can see Network Devices at the client level. If not, make sure the user class has access to Network Devices.
  9. mike_judd

    Uninstalling N-Central Agents

    Is your N-Able server still set up? Their built-in Delete routine is pretty clean.
  10. mike_judd

    Feature Updates

    Patch Remedy recently announced they would be able to manage Win10 updates. I don't have any detail on what that means exactly, but it sounds promising. From the website and blog: "We now automate the update of Windows 10 and Server 2016 systems as part of our WUA maintenance services. Keep your Windows 10 deployments current and on the latest stable builds from Microsoft using Patch Remedy." and "One of the new features making waves is the ability to upgrade Windows10 systems from previous versions of Windows 10. With just a few configurations to your Automate system, you can be upgrading older versions of Windows to to the latest 16299 version." https://www.plugins4labtech.com/products/patch-remedy
  11. mike_judd

    Automate Search help

    Welcome to CWA! Get to know gavsto.com > https://gavsto.com/labtech-advanced-search-finding-computers-that-dont-have-a-particular-piece-of-software/ Also head over the labtechgeek.slack.com and join the community there. Lots of great people and resources there.
  12. mike_judd

    Script to capture all screens

    Odd... I thought there was a script function to do a screenshot. I see know that's not true. Maybe that's a memory from my Kaseya days. Anyway, I found this older thread on the forums. Maybe it will help get you in the right direction.
  13. mike_judd

    Windows 10 1709 Feature Update

    MS admitted they "mistakenly" forced Win10 updates (including 1709) to endpoints. Rumor is they may be using the MS Store to get around WSUS/WU settings.
  14. mike_judd

    Manage GPO vis LT

    I don't know of any plugins that manage GPs, but you can obviously use anything available at the command line. The changes won't be undone once the agent is removed. Changes are tattooed to the OS/endpoint and the agent doesn't remember what it's done. You would need to build the "uninstall" of all the changes made in to an offboarding script to run before removing the agent.
  15. mike_judd

    Patch management - reboot not occuring

    We've not had post-patch rebooting work since our original install 1.5 years ago. Support didn't seem to care to dig in to it, so we call the reboot script after patching. You've done more digging than I, but wanted to let you know you're likely not alone.