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  1. mike_judd

    Grafana and Labtech on the cloud

    Just search here for Grafana. There are several threads. With the recent security changes, I'm not sure if it will work with Hosted CWA. You should check that first. Also head over to mspgeek.slack.com. There's a channel there dedicated to dashboards.
  2. Patch Manager > Click the puzzle icon for Patches (top-left corner) > Enter patch number/name in the top right Search box > Click each version of the patch in the top half of the screen to see which computers need that patch in the bottom half
  3. https://github.com/gavsto/AutomateAPI
  4. mike_judd

    DOWNLOAD: function not working

    What's the full URL to the file? Should be https://lt.yourcompanyname.com/labtech/transfer/scripts/bginfo/bginfo.bgi If you browse to that link (with the proper FQDN), do you get prompted to save the file?
  5. mike_judd

    More Meltdown/Spectre Vulnerabilities

    I learned over on https://mspgeek.slack.com that this patch has to be manually installed. PM won't pick it up.
  6. mike_judd

    CWControl/ScreenConnect Scripting - Install/Remove

    This worked beautifully. Thank you both! For those following along at home, I had to tweak a couple of things in tlphipps' script to get it to work on Macs in our environment. Search for connectwisecontrol-<CWC client identifier> and change it to connectwisecontrol-<your CWC client identifier> There are entries in both the Then & Else sections. There was also a line that still said screenconnect. I'm not sure if that is correct, but when I changed that to connectwisecontrol, the script still worked. (Don't change the screenconnect referenced in the lines for Windows.)
  7. mike_judd

    How to get a license count in CW Automate

    1) Installed agent count is at the bottom of the Control Center window. If it stopped at 250, I'm guessing that's how many licenses you own. 2) On the CWA server, Control Center > Help > About shows active and total licenses. 3) SQL queries to count the number of entries in the computers table. Total license count is stored in DynamicClients in the config table. 4) CW University > Support > Automate Resources > My Server Dashboard.
  8. mike_judd

    A Search for Software NOT installed

    Check out > https://gavsto.com/labtech-advanced-search-finding-computers-that-dont-have-a-particular-piece-of-software/
  9. mike_judd

    Detect public RDP?

    If 3389 is open through your firewall, someone will do the testing for you. Scan your security logs for excessive "failed login attempts". Especially from accounts named info, sales, joe, & mary.
  10. "%windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" "(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://bit.ly/LTPoSh') | iex; Reinstall-LTService " REM To rip and replace to a new server, add this: `-Server https://yourserver.com -LocationID XXX` - Full Documentation is at https://github.com/LabtechConsulting/LabTech-Powershell-Module GitHub LabtechConsulting/LabTech-Powershell-Module This is an attempt to create a comprehensive LT PoSH module. - LabtechConsulting/LabTech-Powershell-Module
  11. mike_judd

    Computer keeps coming back after retired

    Best thing to do is to get on the machine to figure out why the agent keeps getting reinstalled and clean up everything. Could be a local script or GPO checking each time to make the agent is installed. Since that's not always do-able, you can block the MAC address from checking back in > https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Knowledge_Base_Articles/Blacklist_MAC_Address_for_Rogue_Agents
  12. mike_judd

    SQL Query to pull agent count by Client

    Turns out I have some non-binary agents: They're a mix of XP, agents that never fully checked in, and duplicate agents. I don't see anything common among them.
  13. mike_judd

    SQL Query to pull agent count by Client

    Thanks for sharing. My numbers don't add up. What info can I gather to help tighten up the query?
  14. mike_judd

    Alert based on blacklisted MAC address

    Someone else will directly answer your question. I'm going to throw out that you can blacklist MAC addresses so they don't check back in > https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Knowledge_Base_Articles/Blacklist_MAC_Address_for_Rogue_Agents
  15. I've asked a similar question several times and no one has been able to help. For a quick and dirty, you could set up a Session Group to show all computers that have been offline over xx days. The filter would be "LastEventTime < $xxDAYSAGO". I've seen cases where the SC agent was broken/removed so you might get burned on a few computers that are actually live. SC support, which is typically pretty good, has confirmed there's not a way to export a list of clients & computers to use for reference. Their suggestion was to view the source code of the page that shows all endpoints, then clean that up to get a list of computers. I've done that. It ain't fun. I'm sure there's a fancy way to clean it up. I just used find/replace in Word. Have fun!