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  1. You should be able to click > shift-click to select a bunch and delete them all at once. I wouldn't suggest doing them all at once though. Too many at a time tends to confuse CWA and lock it up. Just because you don't have access to the endpoints doesn't mean the agents won't check back in though. We've ended up blocking client IPs at the firewall level to officially cut them off.
  2. There's a StorageCraft plugin available in the Solutions Center. Check that to see how many of your needs it covers. You could certainly copy and modify what they've built if necessary.
  3. mike_judd

    LT share

    Can't download a bunch of files at once. You'll need to add a line for each file to your script or zip 'em up, download the .zip, unzip.
  4. Create a search and group that only includes computers that don't have version 1.7.0 installed. Schedule the update script to run against computers in that group.
  5. When I'm stuck in the same situation, I'll debug the script to go through it step by step. That should show you what values each variable has at each step so you can tell where the script is breaking down.
  6. The only time I've seen that was when exporting results from the Advanced Search. It would only export the number of results that appeared on the first screen. Increasing the limit of the results per page to show all results was the workaround. That was fixed a few versions back. I haven't seen the issue in any other multi-line pages.
  7. Good on them for not wanting to drop CrowdStrike! Here's what works for us.
  8. Here are some other threads with info to get you started:
  9. This thread has the most info you'll find about Grafana & CWA > Head over to slack.mspgeek.com and chat with the folks in #dashboards to have all of your questions answered.
  10. Known issue with the Manage Plugin > https://university.connectwise.com/university/reports/knownissuesdetail.aspx?ticketId=11403557
  11. We've not had much luck unretiring agents for the past couple of months. We've been uninstalling and reinstalling all agents if the endpoint is to be un-retired.
  12. All of my tickets for the past year have been Control sessions where the CW tech connects to my computer/server and guides me through doing the troubleshooting (occasionally taking control themselves). I've never seen either of those accounts. (Are you hosted?) I'd say those accounts could be disabled. If they do need access to those accounts, enable them when you're ready and disable when they're done.
  13. Just search here for Grafana. There are several threads. With the recent security changes, I'm not sure if it will work with Hosted CWA. You should check that first. Also head over to mspgeek.slack.com. There's a channel there dedicated to dashboards.
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