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  1. Does anyone know what this Veeam monitor means and does: Veeam.LBP.Monitor_112.exe -Method update I have several servers where this is Failed and I don't know where to look to test or check settings to get this working. All servers are basically the same. Thnx Kurt
  2. Hey everybody, I want to do the following: - open SSH connection to a device - goto certain directory - transfer a txt file (windows share) to that ssh/linux directory So far I have this found out: Open SSH to "192.168.1.xxx", Port:22, Timeout: 15 SSH send "cd /var/sms/spool/out" unencrypted to SSH session ID: %sshsessionid% Hope this is already ok ... can't get results yet and I don't know how to log results So now I need to transfer a txt file that that linux directory Anyone could help ? Thnx K
  3. Hi Darren, Thanks for the reply ... I figured it out via an example script where the following was used --> SET: @VarList@ = [ALL LOCAL VARIABLES] Via this I could see what variable where used and are usable in correct syntax. Another question: Is there a way to configure a global parameter with a value? And use it in a script? For example so you can drag and drop it ... example %usersms% or %pwdsms% . Now - in the script - you could see the value and so the password So if this is possible to configure somewhere in Automate to set this value, and just use %pwdsms% in a script, without anyone seeing the actual password. Thnx
  4. Hey everyone, So I have an Monitor, with an Alert Template. In that Alert Template I launch a script so send an SMS to a specific contact phone. The SMS is send, but the message is -9999. What I though would work is: In the Monitor you have variables like %NAME% %RESULT% and also %STATUS% which you can use in the monitor in SUCCES or FAILED status. If monitor fails the alert template launch script via alert template so send sms, but in the script I thought of using those %NAME% %RESULT% to put that text in the sms. Is there a way to "transfer" those variable result from the monitor to the script variables? I will be using that Alert Template on different monitors, so I can't put in the values fixed, because the monitor %NAME% will be different off course. I hope it's clear what I'm trying to do and receive a solution 🙂 Thnx Kurt
  5. Hello, Is there a simply (free) way to block certain url's / websites on agents (or on Location)? Thnx everybody K
  6. We have an appliance installed ... We use a script to call API to send SMS. It is a FoxBox Mini Thnx
  7. ah ... don't run a script? Well I thought a script do much more with the variables to use in that script and put in a ticket or email. I figured it out by using a 1-liner powershell command. The script had some lines that should run every 20min and at the 3th failure (counter) create a ticket. I got stuck with this 3th failure issue, and because you can configure this in your remote monitor, I though to use a script that ran in a remote monitor. That's why I had to know how to use a counter to add 1 to an variable - so that I can could run script with (counter = counter + 1) So if the counter = 3 than I would send email and create alert So that's why I asked of you could run a script, because in the monitor you can configure Alert Style = "third"
  8. Hi Darren, No --> this is just for 1 specific computer agent. But it's working fine :-) Many thanks Kurt
  9. Hello, Is there a way to create an remote monitor using a script that return a result. Depending on the returned result, an email must be send, after the 3 time of failure. So I want to create an monitor - Monitor Type=script - set the Alert Style to "Third" - set Interval 20min - set Alert Template to Send Email Many thanks Kurt
  10. Thanks Darren, For now I figured it out by doing an SQL Query: SELECT Failcount FROM Agents WHERE Agents.AgentID = 71915 When this Failcount has value > 0 then it is in FAILED STATUS depending on the Alert Count you configured in your monitor (like alert after 3 fails) ... adn my script will continue to execute. When the monitor (71915) is in SUCCESS status the value is 0 again. Hope this helps others Cheers Kurt
  11. Hello, I want to run a script (already have written it) that runs only of another PING monitor has the success status. At the top of a schript you have IF conditions and you can select Variable Check to check on a status, but how to say to check the status of another monitor? Or do I have to select another IF condition? Or just write this in the script? Any idea's? Many thanks Kurt
  12. Thanks man ... always a pleasure :-) Didn't found it and it was right in front of me ... sometimes it's finding the right direction Cheers Kurt
  13. Hello, I just can't find this simple syntax to do the following: set: @var1@ = @var1@ +1 So I first set @var1@ = 1 ... And in loop I want to add 1 evertime the loop is done. But I can't find out how to write it Many thanks Kurt
  14. Thnx Cubert, Unfortunatly Patch Remedy is paided plugin :-( Will look further on this. Many thanks. Kurt
  15. Allways a pleasure to see that others use Grafana with Automate :-)
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