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  1. @kgarling I'm always up for a challenge hit me up on slack and send me the file lets see whats required.
  2. Awesome! We should start a collection of these
  3. you can look at the existing offline internal monitors which uses the exact sql query to check for if an agent is online or offline. You will need to learn SQL and fast if you're going to be a successful Automate Admin. Its a significant part of the power and flexibility of Automate.
  4. @chainboost you'll need to use the LastContactTime from the Computers table by and compare it to current time to see if it contacted labtech within the last 5 minutes (which is the standard legacy method for checking a computer is online). Alternatively you can use the heartbeat which is how the newer online/offline checks are done.
  5. Sure, i'm willing to get on a call to discuss it. Fair warning I'm in love with Automate although not blind to its issues Hit me up on the slack and we can schedule a time to call if you like. I can do anytime after hours (5pm EST)
  6. The major announcement we have for you today is about something thats been requested my multiple members in the community. WE ARE NOW SELLING MERCH ! That's right, we now have a store available for you to purchase items with our logo/designs! We have multiple designs on multiple products so check them out at the URL below. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/msp-geek/ Side Note:If you know someone who is good at graphic design, and would like to donate some images for further designs please feel free to reach out to us at admin@mspgeek.com! (Stolen directly from Kyle's Slack announcement)
  7. they're trigger words that can be used in any of the channels (just send them in a chat) and Slackbot will respond to you. You can also use them in a direct chat with yourself and slackbot will respond there
  8. So I didn't mention this before because this is unlikely to happen to someone who is brand new on Automate unless they've already crossed several versions. We have found that when using GPO to deploy the MSI via Published Applications that the Agent will disappear from computers. @DarrenWhite99 current King of Automate (or Dad is how people refer to him now? 🤔...I digress...) has a long explanation for why this happens but the short of it is that when Automate gets patched and the version changes, the GPO will re-apply the current version and will fail to install for whatever reason. This causes agents to get half installed or to be completely uninstalled by itself randomly. Without AV this is the closest issue I can think of that gives you the symptoms you're seeing. The bottom line is to NOT use GPO Published Applications to install Labtech despite what the documentation says. Again I urge you to come into Slack and check out !deploy, and !ltposh (and also Darren's !dadjokes). I hear the part about not wanting to spend money, again I encourage you to spend the time here and on Slack talking to experienced Automate Admins so that you understand all your options for monitoring and automation, and especially patching. To be frank, Automate is an extremely buggy system, and the documentation is extremely poor and often inaccurate. If you do everything yourself you'll implement a feature the correct way only to find out its wrong, or that it just doesn't work. Despite all that it is the most powerful platform that I've ever used and I love it, and lately they have been getting better but you're still dealing with old code from 2013 that may or may not have been properly debugged. Here's some of our geekcasts https://www.mspgeek.com/forum/40-the-geek-cast/ and there are more videos on our Youtube channel. We are trying to make more of these and there should be one coming around the corner as well. Here's our Downloads, https://www.mspgeek.com/files/ that are full of scripts and monitors and other good things There are more, crazy long posts here by great members who contributed their process of tweaking automate and solving specific challenges to work around the Automate platform. You'll just have to search for them and read them all so you can get a good perspective on things.
  9. @Srdan you may not like this answer but as you're brand new to the MSP Industry in general and not just Automate I would honestly recommend you find yourself a solid Consultant to assist in giving you 1. Crash course in MSPs in general and how the work is different. 2. Crash course in Automate vs other RMM tools you'll see 3. Crash course in Automate specifics for Automation and Monitoring It sounds like you're making a lot of progress on your own, and you'll find a lot of content both online and here to assist you if you want to continue by yourself but there really is a lot to take in and its just easier to do it over a phone consult training session than typing out a concise manual here. In regards to your services disappearing, this honestly sounds like a setting you have configured in the Templates. Either the services are changing their name to your brand or their being hidden entirely. A quick tip to find out is from an agent computer at an elevated command prompt (directly on the console) execute net stop ltservice and net stop ltsvcmon. This will display the Service Display name and you can see if those exist in the services console. Deploying agents is a huge undertaking with many many variations on how to do it. The Probe DOES work a lot of the times, but not everytime and therefore cannot be relied upon. Half of the time it happens is not necessarily its own fault but the fault of PSEXEC which doesn't always have permission to execute on the remote agent. For tips, come into the slack team and check out the !deploy command. You can also hit the channels there for live help, or hit me up if you like. Of course I don't charge so my services are sporadic and not guaranteed
  10. Are you split server? whats your ibdata1 file size? Whats your mysql version number?
  11. Sounds good, I'm not sure why limiting devices to online only is important, the script will skip offline devices unless you tell it not to and the remote monitor will not execute or alert on offline devices either... but as long as it works
  12. there is currently no way to hide clients in 12 and higher, unlike in 10/11 where you could hide clients from the tree.
  13. Screenshots are located in the LTShare directory. Do they have access to these folders? Can they view the images outside of Labtech?
  14. Hi Michael, When considering the strategy Connectwise is approaching it actually makes sense. Given limited resources they'd rather spend the time on building out a product on the future rather than wasting any on a functional product that doesn't require anything beyond improvements. The approach for the Automate Web App is to hit the largest end user base first to get the most amount of people off the thick client at once. Essentially this means that focus is in making AWA the ideal help desk tool first, while focusing on the LT Admins usability (which is by far the lower base of the end users and more complicated to port over to web) once the Help Desk is wrapped up. In any case, the answer to your question is to enforce MFA on your local users, in addition to the SSO enforcement. Google Authenticator is a free plugin if you don't have DUO already, and you can still enable SSO to be used with AWA for the help desk. Note that the next few patches that are coming are going to heavily focus on porting EDF/Script ability into the AWA side so that you can spend more time in the web instead of on the thick client. As it stands, aside from our proactive team, the rest of us spend most of our time in AWA except for myself as I switch back and forth depending on if I'm scripting or jumping into machines to assist on support. I myself have SSO enabled in addition to DUO enforced for our entire company.
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