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  1. Deflect

    Automate Security Issue- Patch 11 and 12

    x 1000 - Even if this wasn't the case, we should all take this as a great opportunity to help develop a framework for easily reporting vulnerabilities and working with the appropriate resources. There used to be a location to report it on the old LabTech website. It's no longer accessible unfortunately.
  2. Deflect

    LabTech Data Dictionary

    At some point in your career with LabTech you'll be forced to work directly with the database. Normally the go-to recommendation are Chris Taylor's docs at: http://labtechconsulting.com/LT-DB/index.html however that schema hadn't been updated since 2015 with many large and small changes over the years. Also comments had been truncated leaving many cut off mid sentence? That being said I have a downloadable chm file available in the same style as the official ConnectWise Manage data dictionary in addition to that I also have an online version that's easy to use. I recommend the chm as those have nice vector graphs to visually show relationships as well as a more granular search! Online: LabTech Data Dictionary v12 I'll be updating them if anyone has any feedback or comments I can add in. Feel free to shoot me a message on here or on the LTG Slack "smeyer" LabTech_12_P8.chm
  3. Deflect

    Automate Database Maintenance Thread

    Weeeeird! Good catch, but when I copy->paste your query into my editor it also complains about syntax. It says the ending single quote on the query is the problem. Delete it and type another single quote and it works fine. Heck, just copy->pasted my post I edited above to fix it and it does the same thing. Maybe some weird forum escaping of characters or sql injection protection?
  4. Deflect

    Automate Database Maintenance Thread

    Some of the items from Joe's post I also do in my maintenance scripts. So you can Copy->Paste: Delete drives from the drives table where missing=1 DELETE FROM drives WHERE missing =1; Delete old remote drive monitors for missing drives DELETE agents FROM `agents` LEFT JOIN drives d USING (computerid) WHERE LEFT(agents.dataout, 1) NOT IN ( SELECT letter FROM `drives` WHERE computerid = d.computerid) AND agents.name LIKE 'Disk - %' Reset hotfixes that have been marked as pushed, but have not installed UPDATE hotfix SET pushed='0' WHERE installed=0 AND pushed=1 AND approved=1 He truncates the plugin_cw_infomessages, but I only delete the lowest severity since there is occasionally helpful data ... sometimes. DELETE FROM plugin_cw_infomessages WHERE plugin_cw_infomessages.`TimeOccurred` < DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -1 DAY) AND plugin_cw_infomessages.Severity = 10
  5. Getting the same error as speakerbox occasionally along with this gem:
  6. Deflect

    Missile Command in Automate Web Console

    Yep, it's been around since at least 10.5 and it's still working on v12 P2 I've tested it before with FF/Chrome. Start on the WCC2 login page, but it'll work once you're logged in.
  7. Looks like they re-uploaded it here: "ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech: How Does It Work?"