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  1. Thanks! Should this be ran as process execute or Shell? I've also ran into an issue with it failing to reinstall the service. It retries a few times and ends. Any suggestions?
  2. I have an issue with a bunch of agents that simply will not update without manually connecting to the system, running the uninstaller and then reinstalling. So I'm trying to script this process. I can get the uninstaller to run easily enough, but I can't just script the reinstall because once the agent is uninstalled, the script dies. So my next thought was to put it all in a batch file so that it will execute "offline" once the agent is removed. This again works for the uninstaller portion, but reinstalling the .MSI fails and the agent is never deployed. I also put all this into a .VBS and ran via cscript.exe, just to see if it was something specific to the batch file, with the same result, though in both cases if I run it locally it works fine. I've yet to determine exactly why the .MSI is failing, as it does appear to attempt to run. I've put a timeout between the two portions to see if it might be an issue with the .MSI running too quickly after the uninstaller is completed, but in both cases the timeout/pause appears to be getting ignored. Anyone have any suggestions?