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  1. I like the price point on those LattePandas. I have no specific use for one but I may pick up 3.
  2. RDeBok

    Dataview Creator on v12

    This has returned in Patch 6. It uses the same property setting (datviewcreator = true) and will be found in the legacy menu. The legacy menu is enabled via the last check box at Dashboard > Config > Control Center
  3. RDeBok

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    That explains why I am not aware of this.
  4. RDeBok

    Automate: New Network Map???

    The breakouts eventually get added to the Youtube channel about a month after the event. Outside of that, I am not sure if any other externally facing material really exists for it since it is not released.
  5. RDeBok

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    Have you updated to build 361? Just asking because the agent in your image is not a 361 build. There was a rebuild of Patch 6 (.361). I'd first try that, of course, if you haven't.
  6. RDeBok

    Automate Training

    As mentioned, the lessons will give you a basic understanding of the possibilities. https://university.connectwise.com/University/Training/AllCurriculumForm.aspx#lt For making sense of the docs and other assorted assets for learning, I like the partner kits. https://university.connectwise.com/University/PageView.aspx?short_name=partner-kit-library#lt
  7. RDeBok

    Monitor SQL file size

    While the wizard is restricted, you can adjust it after creating the monitor. Double-click the monitor to open it and head to the configuration tab to change the result you are comparing to a byte size for 5GB. Remember remote monitors are monitoring for anything that falls outside your expression so you will want this to be less than 5GB as condition. If it ever goes over 5GB then the monitor will trip and initiate any alert action (like an Automate script that kicks off your SQL maintenance script).
  8. https://university.connectwise.com/university/pageview.aspx?short_name=automate-patch-management-partner-kit I suggest watching the 4 part webinar series to get down how patching works in Automate. Then you should have enough knowledge to ask specific questions for the issues you may have while developing your own patching strategy in Automate. There are a lot of people here and on the Slack channel that can provide big help when you get into the thick of it, but the University resources are a great place to start to understanding the basics.
  9. RDeBok

    Feature Updates

    Your last statement is unfair. Patching is automated. The creators updates are a different beast and CW is not the only people struggling with it, so to say patching isn't automated because these big ones cannot be done without intervention is a bit much. With that said, some have gone to using ISOs and scripting it with luck.
  10. RDeBok

    Automate Web App

    The first iteration of the new Web-based Control Center was released with Patch 5 and you can view aLL RELEASE NOTE FOR aPRIL HERE: https://university.connectwise.com/university/pageview.aspx?short_name=patch-release-notes Dcumentation for this new Control Center will be found here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/090 please be advised, this is not a replacement for the Thick Control Center at this time. This is the first iteration and has very limited functionality. Each patch will add more features so be sure to follow the release note closely for feature you are looking to try out in this new version. I can say that this version has been showing very promising performance and there is a lot of confidence that even when it is fully developed, that performance should remain.
  11. RDeBok

    Automate to Manage ticketing

    It will not overwrite anything you make or copy. It will only overwrite original Ignite objects using GUIDS. Saving the search as a new name will be a copy and that won't be touched during SC updates.
  12. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/050
  13. RDeBok

    Screenconnect security warning

    Perhaps a CLickOnce issue? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/deployment/how-to-configure-the-clickonce-trust-prompt-behavior
  14. RDeBok

    Automate to Manage ticketing

    If you are not using Ignite Manager then you can just create a new search based off the original. Find the search used in Automation > Searches > View Searches. Double-click it to load in seach editor. Give it a new name (e.g., Port Management\Custom - Port - HTTP-80 TCP). Edit the search to include the IsServer Is true statement and save and select to save as new search. In the Brwose menu, open the group that the original search is applied to (e.g., Port Management.HTTP - 80 TCP). In the Computers AutoJoin Search drop-down, select the new search you created. You can use the Previewe/Run button to apply the autojoin immediately or wait for the auto refresh that occurs every 30 minutes.
  15. RDeBok

    default settings for EDFs - v11

    You set the default in the dashboard on the Config > Additional Filed Defaults tab.