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  1. That seems so hard. I found it was easier to just exclude servers with an SSD raid from the monitor completely
  2. I just created a template called "desktop unattended", the only setting for that template was "Remote Access Mode" = Silent, and clicked enable. Then created a high priority group that called "NCH Unattended" that used that template. We have a user group for Level2 support that is the only user group that has access to add PC's or locations to that group. That way, a level 1 tech cannot accidently add a HIPAA complient location to the group.
  3. Where is the Surflog FAQ? I want to be able to isolate the plugin to a specific PC and have labtech email the report to our client. the client does not want a report of the owner, IT guy or others, just a few of the minions who go to shopping sites all day.
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