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  1. To be honest, this is a nice idea to have a bat to clear printer queues. IP scanner is pretty good as well. I'll create something to our printers. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Hi team, I think ScreenConnect's toolbox is an amazing feature. It's great to have many utilities softwares in a blink of eyes. So I'd like to share you mine toolbox and request to see your, so we can share secrets and softwares that we may missing! So, I have : Few Installers/Uninstallers for AVs. .Net fixers A lifesaver RepairAgent tool (uninstall and install agents) Some NSFL .bat (do not try this at home) And some tools to check process and etc. Do you have any 'must have' tool? Share and give your opinions!
  3. That's our problem. Our clients can download the file properly, whoever, for some reason, we're unable to generate (or update) the configs.gz. It's the same file from April, 16, 2016.
  4. I'm having the SAME issue as you. We have a client that only uses ESET Endpoint AV v6. I've created a rule for this and everything seems to work fine, because I tested every single line that is in Config > Configurations > Virus Scan in CMD, yet, it isn't showing as a installed AV. LT support is trying to figure it out what's happening but no success. Until now, we know that "configs.gz" isn't updating at all, since April. Try to looking if your Configs.gz is updating at all. (don't ask me what this file is, because IDK).
  5. Hello, I'd like to gather some data about redirectors users. * Where do you live? * What redirector do you use? * What's your latency? But now, some of you must be thinking, "why this guy is asking us this?", so let me explain the story... My name is Pedro Henrique. I live in South America, in Brazil to be exactly. We're using (or trying to) LT default redirectors (US Server), my latency float between 700-900. I tried to contact LT support to see if we can configure an alternative to this default redirector, then a support member sent to me a list with few IPs. For my surprise (not really), no IP from South America. Oh well, we can't have all what we want in life, so I started to test every single one of them. After few hours of testing, do you know what we are using right now? That's right, LT default one... Contacted LT support again, 4 times. 1st attempt - Support told me to contact my Account Manager. Ok then, let me try this. My AM doesn't even replied me. 3 weeks and still counting. I have hope. 2nd attempt - Contacted support said they can't do nothing and we have to use what we got. Saying we can't configure a custom redirector, even in a dedicated server and having all the tools for it. 3rd/4th attempt - Contacted support and they copy paste the exactly same text, two times in a row. Do any of you guys have this issue? Is there any way to have a custom redirector OR to low this insane latency? I don't know more what to do, such a great tool, and we can't use it properly.
  6. I live in Brazil, and we use LT default redirectors, but it have a insane MS, always 700-900ms. I contacted LT support to configure a new IP, they sent to me a list with many IPs from: USEast, USWest, Canada and Europe. Since I live in South America, we're still using the default IP, because we can't handle EU with 1500+ms. What I want to know: Is there any way to configure a custom tunnel? We have a dedicated server to configure a redirector. Is is possible? Or anything that help our high MS issue would work.
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