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  1. Does this work with LT11? I just tried using it and its not letting me login. I'm able to login via the browser using same credentials but LCRAP fails to login Can it be complex password used for the account?
  2. I had a case opened. Support confirmed that this was a bug and they are working on a fix. Nothing yet Same issue with most of the SQL instances
  3. Tim - Would it be possible to see one example of this? We are just switching to labtech and I'm very interested in getting something together that happens during onboarding of an agent. Our Labtech onboarding didn't cover the actual process. Can you post an example of installing chrome during onboarding? Thank you
  4. Yes. Its also going to be overwritten by virus definitions solutions update. I noticed that mine showed update available and listed the local changes i made. Support said it will get overwritten possibly
  5. Yep i Got it working. i edited existing ones. Probably should have created new ones but this works for me: You need to adjust 2 of them. 32bit and 64bit use different process names and files. Also you need to send update config command to the agents and update inventory
  6. So agent idle time is how long the computer is not being used? And if it shows not available that means its actively used?
  7. Any ideas on how to get this working ? Thank you
  8. Thank you Joseph. This was really bugging me. I just deployed the v2 script to one of the servers. When I shift click on the agent it shows running: But when I open native LT 11 view it shows as not installed. I checked the av definitions and they are correct. Got imported by the script. Any ideas on how to get this working? Thank you Alex
  9. Hello We are just starting to use Labtech Automate 11 and switching from GFI. We are using AVG Cloudcare Antivirus and so far all of the labtech agents we deployed are reporting Antivirus as not installed. I went into Virus Scan configuration but It lists older versions of cloudcare (2013) Do you have any recommended settings I can fill in to get this working? Here is the screenshot of the version we are using: and here is a screenshot of whats available. Here is what Agent screenshot looks like: Thank you Alex
  10. Thank you for explanation. Much better than our implementation consultant provided
  11. Hello - We are very new to labtech 11 and have been deploying agents to some of our clients. I was going through the interface and came across alerts on software uninstall. Reached out to our implementation consultant who assured us that labtech is not uninstalling anything. But i wanted to double check. Is it possible that labtech agent uninstall software on a client computer by itself? What can i check to make sure its not happening. We didn't do it ourselves and I doubt clients did it either. Here is what the alert screen shows. Thank you Alex
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