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  1. TeeEmNZ

    Offline Alerting

    Personally i do create other locations like one for mobile devices. The locations should be for broadcast networks and with a network probe etc when you need to connect to machines or manage them a site master makes things happen quicker. The mobile devices location i set not to do the off line monitoring. If you still want them all grouped then create a custom network monitor to run on another server to connect back to that location. You would of course also get lots of off line server alerts if they are managed.
  2. TeeEmNZ

    Questions about new Patch Manager

    Yep its a different beast for sure.
  3. TeeEmNZ

    Questions about new Patch Manager

    I used the approvals config to automatically approve things like critical updates and auto ignore server based products. This cut the number down drastically and was able to bulk select items by ordering the categories etc. Managed to fight my way through ok. Think the product still needs lots of work and it will improve with time. I guess we stuck with it so need to try and make the best of it. The knowledge based videos while long did help a bit in setting it up.