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  1. We saw that, too. I had assumed it was from blocking TLS 1.0 server-side, now that I've finally killed 2003.
  2. Curious if anyone has found a solution to this. We have a few Windows 10 machines with this issue.
  3. I'm currently evaluating Sophos and the integration, while sort of there doesn't come close to Webroot. How has your experience been with the actual product, integration aside?
  4. I'm trying to monitor for computers that have 0% patch compliance and I'm wondering if anyone knows the differences between the various tables that contain information on this. I see a few options: The 'compliance' column in computerpatchcomplinacestats The 'overallcompliance' column in computerpatchingstats The 'overallcompliance' column in computerpatchingstatssnapshot A few views have this information as well, but they are built from the above tables. I've also noticed that some machines temporarily drop to '0' for what appears to be no reason. In other words, the machine will show 0% compliance in one of these tables, then show normal after a 'resend patches'. It's almost as if there's a process that resets this data and waits for it to be re-sent during inventory. That's causing a number of false positives. What's everyone else doing to automatically monitor patching?
  5. I'm looking for some C# coders who would be interested in helping me with a project. I'm about 2/3 of the way finished with code that implements a native scripting language for Automate. The language is specced, the compiler is mostly written and outputs XML that can be imported. There's still some work left to do on the compiler and a lot of functions left to implement, but we're almost there! My biggest hurdle is that I'm a CS guy with little experience writing UI code. I'm hoping I can partner with someone who does have that know-how to help get this finished up. I submitted this for AN this year, and it was rejected, which makes me wonder if Connectwise is about to unveil their own implementation. I was hoping to wait until the project was finished to release, but I really don't feel great about submitting this and not hearing anything back at all. Anyway, send me a PM if you'd like to help out and we can discuss.
  6. As a followup, it seems that something with schedules causes this to reset occasionally. We have a few machines that show as '0' suddenly, then go right back to the normal level once we 'resend inventory'. It's made that monitor very unreliable for us.
  7. I would love to do this, but I've found that disabling Windows updates in this way means that the feature updates will never be installed. I know there are options that use the ISO (Patch remedy or the scripts available here), but I'm just not interested in having so many machines download an ISO from us (or worse, S3), so I've not moved forward with this.
  8. I've used it successfully on Windows servers with IIS before using the Acmesharp module. It's worked OK, but I found it more difficult to setup than it is with Linux/Apache. We ended up using our wildcard for LabTech because I didn't want to take the risk of something going wonky with the renewal. I also really wanted to close port 80 completely and where we have DNS hosted doesn't allow for the automated verification.
  9. Has anyone attempted to automate installing the BIOS updates required for this (where available)? For the most part, the patches and registry keys were already relatively straightforward to script (though I did install the EDFS, thanks Gavsto), but that's honestly a pretty small portion of the overall work required here.
  10. Hey, even hearing that it's not just me is helpful. I'll be sure to let everyone know if I come up with a better method. Thanks.
  11. I'm wondering if other users have had any success with the "unsupported" script that Webroot has for Mac deployment. I've tried using it and variations of it for the last several weeks and the script just hangs up at the install command OR it seems to finish, but Webroot installs without correctly activating. Windows machines at the same clients are working fine, so the key *is* in the database correctly and the command history shows the key was used when issuing the install command - it's just extremely flaky. Is that the script everyone is using to deploy it? It's getting pretty frustrating, given how smoothly the deployment goes on Windows.
  12. We found this, too and it seems the step is just broken. We got around it by querying WMI to see if anyone was logged in instead of relying on the script step.
  13. Is it possible to add a function to end a session to the RMM+ plugin? We'd like to be able to script that when agents are removed.
  14. That's definitely better than the random queries. I had better luck with the remote monitor, however. Through the UI, I was able to tell if the May patches were missing, but because I *just* approved the May rollups recently, it was hard to tell whether a system had March/April installed (so already fixed) and just not May. Confusing for sure, but I did manage to get everything sorted out.
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