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  1. Sorry everyone, just found last step in email body had wrong variable. script and email now working.
  2. Created a script to run a .ps1 file on a server which works. Need to send email of script results created in the associated script log. Tried several ways but only get the word @%shellresults%@ in the email body. Don't have much SQL background. Any help is appreciated. Script Config: Breakdown of steps 3,4,5 The info in the Script Log trying to get into body of email
  3. Have created an Automate script that downloads and executes a .ps1 file locally on a server. This script is scheduled to run daily so rather than manually looking at the script log of the server each day, I am looking to get an alert or email if the Automate script fails. This script will be duplicated with some minor changes for other clients so eventually, there will be many daily server scripts running so automating the failure notification would be helpful. I do not have a programming background but know enough of the basics to survive. Any help is appreciated.
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