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  1. danielss1

    Custom Web-Control Center themes

    Yeh that is true, but the main (only) reason I use the Web Control is for the Request Support Session feature, which doesn't seem to be available with /Automate
  2. Hi all, Is there anywhere to get some nice themes for the Web-Control Center? i've had a look around anad can't really find anything. I am on version 12, and the builtin theme is pretty bad! Thank you
  3. Hi, Hopefully some one can help me, I'm looking for a way to show a message on a users computer using autoamte. So I want to be able to send a message to a computer saying "Your computer will be restarted for patches on xx day" and then it needs to stay on the screen till th users click ok. Is this possible? Thank you :)
  4. danielss1

    Automate Training

    Hi all, I am a new Automate administrator, but I have not done anything besides use it to remote onto computers and normal daily use as an engineer. What is the best way to get started and learn how to administer Automate from top to bottom? Thank you Daniel
  5. Hi, We are looking for a Labtech Guru to do some work on our internal system to help us configure Labtech correctly. We already have Labtech setup and running, we just need technical help with implementing it properly. Preferably some one in USA and we would pay per hour. Let me know! Thank you Daniel