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  1. Hello, every once in a while we get a workstation that spams us with Drive space tickets. When you look at the drives tab you get this http://imgur.com/UVhjvZR. There are 3 legit drives C, D(cdrom), and E USB that are white. All of those drive have equal red drives in duplicate. The ticket generated is a drive space critical ticket, which as you can see is not the case. Is this a workstation issue or something we can address in LT? In addition to the mass duplicate drives we get many false positive drive space critical tickets. Thanks
  2. jasnall

    Hyper-V host automated patching

    Standalone host, thanks for the response.
  3. Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has a good solution for Hyper-V Host patching. We were told in the past that there was not a great way to automatic this through LT so I wanted to reach out again to see what other were doing. Looking to see if people are automatically patching and rebooting Hyper-V hosts Want to make sure there is proper shutdown and power on of VM's Thanks