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  1. Hi Leoo, yes I am also interested in suggestions and experiences from other forum members. Connectwise has not even put the ticketing interface on the roadmap yet for their New Web Interface which forces you to keep using the CC interface as your daily driver.
  2. This is a remote monitor using the Check Type : "Registry key", check for the value of 0 on the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power:HiberbootEnabled. When a fail/error occurs, an Alert Template is used which calls a script which I created. This script will change the registry value
  3. I made a search for all Windows 10 devices, attached the search to a group. On this group I have made a remote monitor which does a REGKEY lookup for the key : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power:HiberbootEnabled Value should be 0, if not then run an autofix script which changes the value from 1 to 0. Works like a charm !
  4. Hi Cubert. Yes, we use the SQL Query Analyzer a lot, specially now as the RDP access has been removed by ConnectWise. But this is only for queries, as you can not use this for altering the CWA tables. Which we also like to do, specially when occasionally something gets wrong in the tables. Is there going to be an update or new tool, which gives us this functionality. SQL Update Statement possibilites ! greets, Thomas
  5. Yes, I have exactly the same issue. Not knowing how to completely rip the default menu items out of the tray icon. Did you have any succes ?
  6. I see in these post some real nice dashing solutions, which I would also like to use. Like this one : viewtopic.php?f=19&t=847 But we are using LabTech hosted in the AWS Cloud ! I understand, after a chat with support, that dashing using a Linux VM which makes a DB (ODBC) connection to the LT AWS server is not possible. As LabTech support writes : "Unfortunately, being that system is hosted on our cloud, the access to manipulate the server is locked down to partners. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way around this. That being said, I believe this would be a great feature our other partners may be interested in as well. If you would like to put in a request for this feature you can do so at https://cp.labtechsoftware.com/#/forms-library/enhancements " Anyone else wanting this, please summit it as a feature request. Does anyone know of a plugin in which this is still possible, a plugin in which the LabTech server would send information to another Dashing Cloud solution ??
  7. Kurt, are you situated in the US or in Europe. If in Europe, this is a localisation issue, this would be fixed in the next update of the Virtualisation Manager (not LabTech update)
  8. I have had contact LT support, and they say that it is a localization issue, as our clients are in the Netherlands and not in the US. LT has localization issues, also with the LT virtualization manager. With the new release coming soon of the LT virtualisation manager, these issues should be solved
  9. Hi Kurt, yes we too, we are on LT11 as well. I like Labtech, but indeed has many issues. The biggest issue we have is the Virtualisation Manager, which as worked (sort of) but now completely does not. And performance counters on Remote Monitors do not work, they give real weird values. This is due to a Conversion issue, mainly with LT servers and agents not in the US region. Conversion issue due to the Localisation. Due to these issues, we are rolling out slower as we would like to. Greets Thomas
  10. We have exact the same problem, on which version of LT are you on ? Before this we had the issue that sometimes it would see a lot of VM's and a while later they would all be gone. We have this with multiple versions of VMware, from 5.0 till 6.5 Labtech is investigating this, last statement is that I will get a notification when a patch is released. They logged onto our LT server multiple times, but still no fix or something. Anyone has had this and solved this issue ?
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