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  1. This is only checking to see if the port is open on the machine, not that its necessarily open to the world through the firewall. Something like an nmap scan would need to be ran to verify its external accessibility.
  2. can this be ran against production Hyper V hosts? Does it only change the MAC pool and upon next restart the guest will get the MAC? Anyone have any luck with a monitor?
  3. skyscan

    Defragging VM's

    Are you still using this today and would you mind sharing the script? Can this be done during production hours does the machine need to restart?
  4. bringing this post back from the dead - did you ever find a solution?
  5. Just implemented this after I found one computer by accident not activated, thanks Darren!
  6. Im in the same boat as well with this - it appears to be a BGinfo problem after some extensive google searching and Im not aware of any "fix" for this. :-( For those reasons we decided to stop our deployment of BGInfo until a proper fix is available.
  7. CTaylor: Are the registry uninstall strings loaded into your .ini file for other AV products? I think by default SEPprep only has the uninstall string for McAfee.
  8. @dpltadmin Here is the script I have pieced together that transfers Tim's tool over and also downloads/installs Dell Open Manage. I have two Dell Groups - both with auto join searches. One group is looking for Dell servers that do not have open manage (The script I posted runs on that group every hour) My other Dell group looks for servers that do have open manage and I have Tim's .exe monitor applied to that group as a remote monitor. MX - Dell Monitor Install.zip
  9. can you post the vssetup.exe file as well?
  10. I see the dropbox links are dead, can they be re-posted?
  11. I love this! Im still trying to find a way where the script can search numerous drives (C, D, E, F) and return the result only for the drive that encrypted. (We have several servers where the data parturition is bit lockered but its not always the same drive letter)
  12. went into the way back machine to find this post - LOL Thanks, this was helpful for my current project.
  13. I had an issue on my workstations not running the script on startup. Turns out I had to turn on "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" Other than that the script is working great, Thanks!
  14. I have an issue where it says the script was successful (so no ticket gets logged) but the software doesn't get removed. Thoughts?
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