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  1. I got all that straightened out... I only get emails now for tickets that were sent to my support inbox. I spoke with support about setting up a template for only SOME monitors to send emails and they said that couldn't easily be done... that I needed to subscribe to Manage to do that... but it seems that I could copy the default create script ticket to set a static email and have the monitors that I want emails from - to use that script...??
  2. I was set as the location contact... although CW swore everything was done according to the alert templates, I did find in the scripts where they referenced the location contact... changed all those and guess what - emails are gone! Now I should only get emails for Client Tickets from the tray and emails addressed to my support inbox... my tests work fine, although it looks like 3 emails in the support inbox from earlier this morning did not get tickets created for them. The subject filter shouldn't have blocked them (!failure notice|Undelivered Mail|message quota|Delivery failure). Although, I *DO* need it to block read receipts, and creating a duplicate ticket from an email when I create a new ticket in Automate that sends a CC to my support inbox. RE read receipts, I'm afraid if I only put "|read" in the subject filter, someone will send a support email like "Can't read my emails"... and I doubt I can put "|Read:" as it will probably fuss about the colon.... not at all sure about the second issue, or why it missed the 3 from this morning....? Thanks for your help!
  3. It seems that when my monitors are creating tickets, they are entering my email address in the "requestor email". What I am seeing in automate documentation says that monitors should leave this field blank... I can't find where they are getting that info.
  4. All enabled monitors are set to "Default - Create Automate Ticket", which only has the Alert Action to "Create Ticket". However, ALL TICKETS are generating emails... I'm wondering if it is because I have myself selected as the contact... or because of the various scripts. Should I create a "dummy" contact to see if that quells some of the emails? I only want emails to get sent for "Client Tickets" and "Requests for Help". I don't understand why there isn't an easier way to define which tickets get emailed (by ticket category or infobase category, etc.)...? Thanks
  5. I have posted a request for help at: with no response... am I posting in the wrong place? Any help is appreciated!
  6. I have entered the subjects "NOEMAIL" for all my monitors that I do not wish to receive emails for, and have entered |!NOEMAIL in the ticketing config subject monitor, but still continue to receive emails for these monitors. Where am I going wrong here?
  7. Hey guys and gals, We have been using Automate for a couple of years, but haven't really 'dug-in' to learn how to properly setup our monitors, alerts and ticket emails. We may or may not have changed a bunch of the default settings when we were first implementing Automate... not really sure at this point, but we are just starting to (try to) make use of the ticketing system. There are tons of monitors that send emails for EVERY SINGLE ticket created and we can't seem to weed out the ones that are emailed to us by clients and the ones that were created from the Agent. Is there any way to have the monitors create tickets and NOT send emails? I have looked at the alert templates, monitors, and ticket configurations - and have read a lot on here, and a lot of useless documentation to no avail as to where to even start. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. The correct Location configuration of the "Login for Administrator Access" the under the "Deployment and Defaults" tab has been verified. In running this script on workstations that have never been added to a domain, it logs "The Admin user credentials are domain based." then "Updating Agent Config and Restarting Agent." then "ERROR - The Location Admin or Computer Admin credentials are still not valid for this computer." and finally "The Script(6066) was successful in the Then section. Script: S6066 - Starting at Server Time: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 2:21:41 PM. Script step logging has been disabled. Please set @ScriptEngineEnableLogger@ = True in your script to enable function logging." The user is not created.
  9. Awesome! We have multiple sites/clients we would like to monitor the internet connectivity for... Would you, by chance, be willing to share your script? Or is there something now built-in to labtech to perform these steps? Thanks so much!
  10. Can someone at least give me a hint as to where the priority that is being assigned to default tickets is coming from? I have looked at all the internal and remote monitors, as well as the ticket scripts and can't find it.
  11. We do not use Connectwise, or any other CRM. We are LabTech newbies. We understand that there are alert templates and scripts involved in assigning tickets from internal and remote monitors. All new tickets have a default priority of "Not So Low"... I see where to change the name of that priority, but I don't understand why there is no clear solution to automatically assigning ticket priorities to new tickets based on the monitor, keywords, etc. Without the time-consuming process of manually opening each and every ticket to change the priority, we have no way of planning which technician takes which issues... hiring someone to sit and constantly go through each ticket as it comes in and assign it a priority seems somewhat counterproductive. I have attempted multiple web searches and LabTech Geek searches, expecting a plethora of topics to assist us on implementing a solution for this issue, to no avail. Any help or general direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. PL
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