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  1. I need to determine peak memory usage for AutoDesk and PowerMill applications over a two week window for certain users. This is what I have done so far... Looked through trending data on the Perf - Memory Utilization Went through MySQL and read through a ton of tables to find the information if at all available SQL Query used: SELECT * FROM `labtech`.`<table>` WHERE `<column>` = '<int>' LIMIT 0, 1000; I am lost on what to do for my client that is asking for one. Does anyone know where that information would be or what I could use to get it? Best, Alexander
  2. Hi Gavsto, So what I am getting from you that I should be able to create this specific report for this specific type of software? I will look into both of these and see what I come up with. How much do you cost to get the report created?
  3. Good morning, I am working on a report for our CEO. He has asked that we generate a monthly report to list all remote software that isn't Connectwise Control. I looked through the report center, I even read through all of the documentation that Connectwise has on this product. I was still unable to achieve this. When running a search I was able to grab the SQL syntax from it and this is what I got: SELECT computers.computerid as `Computer Id`, computers.name as `Computer Name`, clients.name as `Client Name`, computers.domain as `Computer Domain`, computers.username as `Computer User`, Software.Name as `Computer.Applications.Name' FROM Computers LEFT JOIN inv_operatingsystem ON (Computers.ComputerId=inv_operatingsystem.ComputerId) LEFT JOIN Clients ON (Computers.ClientId=Clients.ClientId) LEFT JOIN Locations ON (Computers.LocationId=Locations.LocationID) LEFT JOIN Software ON (Software.ComputerId = Computers.ComputerId) WHERE ((((Instr(Software.Name,'TeamViewer') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Remote Utilities') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Ultra VNC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'RemotePC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'AnyDesk') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Comodo Unite') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'join.me') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'LogmeIn') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'VNC') > 0)))) From here it listed all of the tables that I needed. I saw within the report center there was a script editor where you were able to use C#, Visual Basic, and JScript .NET. Is there a way to run a custom SQL query within the script editor using one of those languages? I am really needing help on this one. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know!
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