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  1. I am stuck with this message from weeks now without any solution. If anyone faced this issue please let me know how you resolved it. Note: My workstations are under patch schedule and reboot schedule set.
  2. Labtechuser1

    Finding source of a remote monitor

    Guys I have a question - For every remote monitor - Instead of create automate ticket I modified the alert template to run a script. When I run Maintenance -> Agent -> Agent Monitors - Disk - Remove and Rebuild script, on a workstation the current remote monitors gets deleted and new remote monitors gets created with my alert template. (This part works fine) I changed the Agent Monitor Creation - Disk script that runs as part of Agent Maintenance script too. Alert template did not change to run script instead pointing to same default create ticket for the remote monitors. Can you please let me know where am I going wrong here. Thanks
  3. I got this query from the support guy yesterday DELETE FROM hotfix WHERE installed=0 AND approved=2 AND Last_Date < DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -2 DAY); to run on Labtech server. This query will clear any superseded patch and improve the patch score in the reports
  4. Labtechuser1

    Labtech Server Internet Connection Monitor

    @Andy - Thank you for your quick reply. Appreciate it.
  5. Labtechuser1

    Labtech Server Internet Connection Monitor

    I am facing the similar issue with the internet connection and would like to come up with a script or monitor @Jarret, @Andy - Can you please share the script that you came up with. Thanks!
  6. Labtechuser1

    Monitoring disk space - Why so clunky?

    Will look for the patch.Thank you for your inputs @Brentn and @Gavsto.
  7. Labtechuser1

    Agent Updates

    Thanks for taking time and sending the script.I went through your script, one quick question I am getting this problem on windows 10 computer, which has version 4 of .net installed. Do you still recommend me to install 3.5
  8. Labtechuser1

    Agent Updates

    Hi Thank you for posting the script. we are currently on Version 10.5 and I am not able to import the script into my control center. Can you please send a screenshot of the script at least for me to have a look at it, if possible. Thanks in advance. Your help is highly appreciated. Is the solution for Agent out dated is installing .net framework? or is there anything else that I need to check. Kindly suggest.
  9. Labtechuser1

    Monitoring disk space - Why so clunky?

    I am facing the same issue "Disk - C: Drive Space Critical" remote monitor fires ticket saying under 1GB of free space and when checked there is 100+GB of free space. What did you do to overcome this false positives. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I am facing similar issue with all the false positives from "Drive Space Critical " remote monitors. Did you get any solution to overcome this noise. Appreciate your help.
  11. Labtechuser1

    Uninstall MS Security Essentials

    Hi I tried the above command to uninstall MSE silently. It did not work. Can you please let me know if you added any more lines to your script. I found the below two lines for 32,64 bit in a microsoft document, but did not work for me either. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Backup\x86\Setup.exe" /u "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Backup\amd64\Setup.exe" /u Any ideas?
  12. I came up with a script that downloads Update KB3172605 (windows 7), installs and resets the push flag in the database (fyi no reboots/restart mentioned in the script). After through checking and running in our test environment we pushed this update to the client's computers. Unfortunately this update did massive reboot on most of the machines. anybody came across this issue or any ideas why this happened? Note : I checked the patching schedule for the clients. Patch window is set to early morning and not in middle of the day.
  13. I have a client who uses Trend Micro WFBS 7. Checked all the configuration. Now on Agent's welcome screen it is showing scanner installed instead of scanner running. Any ideas?
  14. Labtechuser1

    Drive Errors and raid fails on workstations

    Any additional information on "The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block error"?
  15. Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. I do not see any "AV Process" field under System Dashboard -> Config -> Configurations -> Virus Scan. Instead I see "AP Process" field and most of the processes are trailed with asterisk (*). Are we on the same page with this? Does AV process and AP process mean the same? I am fairly new to labtech so please don't mind if my question is baseless. I did a service ticket search of old tickets and found out that AV - Disabled monitor fired ticket with failed status and in the same ticket I see AV - Disabled Success message as well. ( That means monitor detected and enabled the process..ticket is dated 2015). So my question is are there any configuration changes made to this monitor by labtech before (for finding and fixing ) and now got reverted back? Pasting the configuration of the monitor VirusAP equals 0 and Computers.LastContact > (NOW() - INTERVAL 15 MINUTE) and VirusScanner<>'0'