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  1. By the same exact script? So I need to run the script twice? I am on hold with LT chat. But I can see the scripts under "view scripts" but at the client level, some of the scripts are not available to run.
  2. Hi we are fairly new with customizing LT. Is there something that I am supposed to run to check the EDF boxes? We have the EDFs listed.
  3. Erik K, I believe it is regional. But I think he is a channel rep and not in the MSP department.
  4. About 15% of our endpoints will generate this alert PER day. We started ignoring them. It always happens with a reboot. I wish we could control alerts from the dashboard. I have not been able to figure that out and no one on the partner team responds to emails. BTW it has been a year since they started promising a Labtech integration. Sophos is dangling a carrot to get MSPs on board.
  5. We are using the Sophos Central Partner (MSP Connect) or whatever you want to call it dashboard. I have successfully created a few monitors that check for infections, but now I need a script or two to pull the quarantine log, create a ticket, attempt a cleanup, report back if failed, and so on. Sophos sent me something, but it does not import properly. They also sent me a document with screenshots, which I have tried manually entering the script from, but not all the lines are visible. We are using Labtech hosted. Thanks.
  6. I copied the monitor and made it so that it would only show certain events. For example, EV - Blacklisted DISK. This monitor is only for Event IDs 7,11,41,51. Here is my Additional Condition. Remember I copied the original EV - Blacklisted Events - Warnings and Errors. I left everything the same and used the alert template that is associated with this condition. eventlogs.`Source` not like '%Exchange%' and eventlogs.`Source`<> 'Symantec Antivirus' and eventlogs.`Source`<> 'Backup Exec' and eventlogs.eventtype <> 2 and timegen > DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE(), INTERVAL 1 DAY) and eventlogs.`EventID`IN (7,11,41,51) This seems to be working for us for now. I am still using the original monitor but at the end of the condition I have 'EventID' NOT IN (7,11,41,51) in the above example. We just started doing this, so the plan is to figure out the actual events we want and eventually disable the original monitor. Also since this monitor lumps all alerts together, we figured it would be beneficial to separate the monitors. So far we have DHCP, DNS, DISK, APC UPS, NTFS and MSSQL. I may make one that covers all Dell Server Administrator alerts. Thoughts on others?
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