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  1. After following @ShawnSack's directions, how did you guys get this set up as a service? I'm trying to get this to start when my server comes up, but I'm not having any luck.
  2. Great work, should save me a lot of headaches from failed patches. Quick question, what is the monitor named and where can I view its results? Thanks!
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I'm attempting to automate the installation of OpenDNS with the script that's included with this post. When I go to the OpenDNS tab on an agent and click install, it works flawlessly. But if I run the "Umbrella Roaming Client Install - CMP" script on an agent, the script fails and OpenDNS does not get installed. LT's script tab on the agent tells me the script fails in the then section at step 33. Which is crazy because my version of the script only has 14 steps. Anybody have any ideas on how to troubleshoot and fix this? Edit: Hilariously enough, I fixed my own issue after posting this. We have 2 OpenDNS tabs in our clients: one in the info section created for this script, and one created by an OpenDNS plugin we have installed. After populating the fields in the info tab correctly, the script works. :lol:
  4. Thanks for the fast reply . I can see the Windows Update history on those machines. So I'm guessing the WUA somehow got out of whack and I'm not sure how to fix it. I'll look into the info you've provided, perhaps I'll write my own script with a standalone detector. Thanks also for all the work you put in with this monitor!
  5. Has anybody had any issues with the monitor not reporting accurately? I've got machines that I've confirmed are patched correctly- they're not vulnerable when I scan them with Slitheris. But the monitor reports as "Vulnerable Not able to obtain Windows Update history". I even ran the script manually from Powershell ISE. In the output, I can see it adding KBs. But when it gets to "filtering updates", it says "Vulnerable - no matching KB found", and on the next line it says "Windows Update History Unavailable". I've tried resetting my Windows Update agent, but it didn't help. What's going on here? I'd like to troubleshoot and fix this issue so I know what machines are patched, but I'm not sure where to start. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Pretty sure I'm posting in the right place; correct me if I'm not. I work for an MSP that uses LabTech and ConnectWise to provide support to our clients. We've installed several plugins in LT, including the AD sync and ConnectWise plugins. I was trying to sync AD users from our clients as contacts in LT, but I accidentally created new contacts for each user instead of matching up existing users to existing contacts. As a result, we have duplicate contacts in the clients I attempted to sync. I've tried deleting the contacts, but they re-appear. I've checked the properties, and the contacts are being re-added by root at 3 AM or so. I think the CW plugin is doing this, but I'm not sure. Could somebody point me in the right direction here? If the CW plugin is re-adding the duplicate contacts, how do I stop it from doing so? And if it's not the CW plugin, how do I figure out why this is happening and fix the issue? Thanks in advance!
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