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  1. p_ern

    Event log monitoring

    I think you might try to add at Select eventlogs.message also. As far as I can see in your conditions is that you filter out what you need ,but Select xxxx is where you get the results. ( I have just started to learn SQL , so I might be wrong )
  2. p_ern

    Event log monitoring

    Hi @troms Have looked at this post from Gavsto: There is also this thread for a monitor:
  3. p_ern

    Monitor Folder Size

    Did you solve it?
  4. p_ern

    Monitor Folder Size

    I would also recommend @Gavsto´s excellent User profile Monitor , that you can modify to look at any particular folder: https://www.gavsto.com/remote-monitor-trigger-an-alert-when-a-profile-goes-above-a-certain-size-including-setup-tips-for-remote-monitors/ You can test it in CMD first if you like , and find what parameters works for you.
  5. p_ern

    Monitor Folder Size

    Hi Shaggy2 Have you looked at this plugin? https://www.plugins4automate.com/collections/free-plugins/products/filehog-storage-analyzer-plugin There are also some scripting that can be done to monitor a folder growth. https://forums.labtechsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=101&t=17596#/
  6. p_ern

    Last Login report

    Have you tried too look at this topic? There is a redditpost where they mention how Last Logged in User is changed and how to make it the way you want it to be.
  7. p_ern

    Mapped drive check

    @TechnicalHero There is a plugin for it that is free: https://www.plugins4automate.com/collections/free-plugins/products/mapdrives-share-viewer
  8. p_ern

    Transferring a file from LT Share

    Try to see if you can pass this to the script: $cred = Get-Credential UserTo.RunAs OR $username = $env:username So it goes something like this: C:\Users\$username\Downloads\PowerShellScripts
  9. p_ern

    Transferring a file from LT Share

    See if you can find the variable in this post: https://www.gavsto.com/running-programs-scripts-as-a-logged-in-user-in-a-labtech-automate-script/
  10. p_ern

    Deploy Automate agents via Intune

    Hi @jtenpenny From a thread on Reddit: And you need at new profile for each location or client you have , unless you go with location 1 which is default location. Easiest way is to starta a msi-file and click through till you get to server pass and the other information you need. Paste those in to the argument. https://www.reddit.com/r/labtech/comments/a56nqp/deploying_labtech_using_intune/ In short you need to use the following argument in Intune to allow the MSI to install correctly: /quiet /norestart SERVERADDRESS=https://yourFQDNgoesHere.com SERVERPASS=your-server-password-from-the-automate-dashboard LOCATION=your-location-id The SERVERADDRESS, SERVERPASS and LOCATION can all be obtained from the MSI you generate. When you run it manually the MSI lists those details for you. Copy them into the fields above and problem solved.
  11. Go to System -> Users -> John Doe -> Permissions -> Select User Class -> The cog wheel -> Plugin ->ConnectWise Control Plugin -> Check the box Transfer Files in Session Changed path to correct edit of User Class on user
  12. I think it was an imported Dataview . If I remember correctly it is this one: It was from this topic:
  13. Hi , try this. Check Automation -> DataViews ->Inventory -> Computer Audit Rightclick to choose fields to display , add filters and export as Excel. Open exported file and then remove information you don´t need to have in the spreadsheet.
  14. p_ern

    Detect public RDP?

    Hi , try to use this one: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/