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  1. Hey there - we use LT in our environment and have a daily script that runs to push out a local admin account to the endpoint. This local admin password is used across all our locations - and the same password is used for all workstations & servers. We'd like to make a change such that the workstations vs servers have different local admin passwords. I'm able to modify the deployment script easy enough, but the question I have is around the location passwords. As our local admin password has changed over the years, when we make a change, we simply add the new latest version of the password to the location password section. Is this correct usage? Will commands/actions that utilize the location passwords try each of the passwords in the list until one of them works for the command/script? Do we also need to add the new server version of the password to the location list? Also reading that many organizations are migrating to LAPS for end-password local admin passwords. What does this mean for LT and location passwords? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. The attached ZIP file contains both of our scripts. When you import them in LT, they should automatically place the setup.exe and necessary .xml files into your L:\Transfer folder. It doesn't Each script will prompt the user to close all office apps (if user is logged in) It doesn't and then will kill all running office apps and perform an uninstall of Office 2007 and/or Office 2010 if they are installed on the machine. It failed before it got to this pointThen it just downloads the setup.exe and necessary config.xml file to the client system and then executes the setup.exe file pointing at the XML file for whichever channel/branch you chose to install.
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